Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hello Peeps,

I have officially been released as an office elder! I Will be going back to Nsambya for round 2. I wasn't suppose to be released originally but some last minute changes were made. My new companion will be Elder Shumway and I will be having Christmas in Nsambya once again. Kind of funny considering last year in our December transfer I left Seeta to go to Nsambya for Christmas and now I leave Mutungo to go to Nasmbya for Christmas. It is a bitter sweet experience. I didn't spend too much time in Nsambya, I love the members there, and everything but I really wanted to be in Mutungo for Christmas too. I have come to love the people there so much and our area was really starting to do well. I will not lie though that being released has put off a great deal of stress. Being in the office is nice but at the same time as said before when you are called to serve as a missionary and your purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end has become Inviting missionaries to become effective missionaries through delivering them propane, recording their converts in the book of life and inspecting their apartments to have a clean spirit-abiding environment.

Anyways the rest of this week has been nice. I had to work very hard to finish a mission end of the year slide show that is given out to all the missionaries. I  waited a little too long for comfort because I had a hard time getting burnable DVDs because the one store I wanted to go to was out and I had some last minute editing to do but In the end it worked out. Burning 150 DVDs is crazy. Luckily they have a machine to burn 7 discs at a time!

Lastly, I have been driving all over these days. Saturday to mukono and back to pick up and then to drop offf (our zone and another zone did Christmas caroling to President Colling's parents since they were in town). then Sunday we went to Entebbe to pick people who were going home and today we took to the airport people going to Ethiopia and picked ones coming back from rwanda. Tomorrow is transfers and I will be busy doing the work of going to jinja and back twice. It will be a relief to not have that job anymore after this transfer haha

HAve a great week!
Elder Seibert

Teaching the Gospel Brings Happiness

Hello People of Earth,

I miss Joseoh Celaya.

For some you will under stand my first sentence. Anyways the mission life is great again. I forget if I mentioned this last week but I am enjoying now haha. Being an office elder was a little taxing with the minimal time we were having in our area and what not but now our area has picked up greatly and I am enjoying the work once again. It never is the same if you are a missionary who can't actually teach people instead of do errands. But now we have a good teaching pool of awesome people and my mission is fun again. We seem to be teaching a lot of YSA women right now which makes me think people will say Elder Seibert wasn't serious but we are teaching men only they don't come to church. Therefore they aren't on the same level yet. Anyways we are teaching a girl named Becky with her cousin Sharon. Becky was a referral from a member who works with her. They came to church, keep commitments and even brought two friends. (Number one way to get missionaries to like you, bring people for them to teach to church, it makes our life easier). And so that is why we have so many YSA girls to teach. The man I will mention is Javens, he is a very intelectual guy. Who reads. Our biggest challenge is getting him to church. But I have hope. We just need to make our lessons more spiritual. Our last couple have gotten side-tracked in details. Anyways those are my favorites right now:) Keep commitment and you will be on the Elder Seibert's Favorite List. Anyways next week will be interesting. Our transfer has been pushed a couple days earlier due to Christmas so I have to be an airport shuttle basically next Monday but I should be back to email but if I don't email that is why.

Have a great week everyone.
Love Elder Seibert

Some of my favorite kids in Mutungo 1st Ward! (The kid in the yellow is named David Bednar Musenze)

Times of Trials = Miracles

Hello People of Earth,

It has been another exciting week! I am seeing the Lord start to bless us tremendously in our area. It has been mentally taxing on me these days because I know I have been called to serve as a missionary, to preach the gospel and even though I now am suppose to do office work too it messes with your mind not being able to do missionary work like how you hope. Anyways what was so great this week is that it seems we are being blessed. We got a lot of great potential people this week with the small time we had in our area. We always seem to be pulled into other tasks last minute. But we were able to have a lady who sells chips on the side of the road come to church and a member invited a friend so we called her, directed her, and she came to church too so it made me happy to see the work moving forward! God helps those who remain faithful. And even as I have learned over and over again is that when Life gets hard and it seems too much to take it is right before you will see the miracle! So just keep chugging along! As best said well in the book of Alma 26:27 

 "Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success."

I love how true this is! If we go out there and bear with patience our afflictions God will grant unto us Success!

Have a great week everyone!
Love, Elder Seibert

Photos: Our Zone Activity we had today.

Inspector Gadget

Hello Everyone!

Another week has come and gone. We did more inspections this week. Houses are cleaner then they were in the past however some haven't changed. We got to go to Entebbe and Kampala houses this week and thank goodness we are almost done with them for this transfer. Thursday we did office work all day and then Friday all the Zone Leaders came in for a meeting so we got to inspect all their trucks to make sure they are clean and safe. Lots of inspecting this week. Another fun note ws I got to give a training at hat same meeting. I try but I am just not a public speaker haha. I told them of a new protocol and talked about how personal sacrifce is important in life I liked the quotes I used though in the training. In the Elder Seibert teaching methood what you do is if you can't say it well apostles and prophets can! Here are the quotes:
“When a man is not willing to sacrifice for the benefit of his
brethren, and when he knows that he trespasses upon the feelings of his brethren,.. That man is not right before the Lord, and where is the love of that individual for his brother?” - President Lorenzo Snow
“No [mission] can be healthy without honesty, trust and self-restraint”- Spencer W. Kimball
"It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent" - President Ezra Taft Benson
Another great thing this week was a new investigator we have. His name is Javens, said evans but with a j in front. Anyways he is very educated and reads and understands and has tremendous potential! I will keep you updated on how he goes.

Love you all have a spectacuar week!
-Elder Seibert

Burglar Skills & Old Friends

Hello Peeps,

It has been another exciting week. It started off last Monday night when I got to practice my rock climbing skills, thank you Mike Wagner for those, and burglar skills. Here is how it happened: At the Ntinda apartments there are 4 floors, all rented by the church for senior couples and normal full time missionaries. Anyways a major design flaw in the place is there is no outside door handle. If you close the door and don't have the key you are locked out. So after we set up a bed in the Sisters apartment on the fourth floor my companion out of habit closed the door behind him. He is was/is new to the place and hasn't sen the past 3 or 4 instances where this has happened. Well better yet when we got the spare form the Senior Couple turns out the Sisters had left their key in the door on the inside so the 2nd great design flaw is the spare won't work if there is another key in the door. So the sisters were thinking they were going to have to sleep at the Senior couples house for a night but I discovered that it is easy to climb up from one balcony to another. I tested it from the second floor balcony to the 3rd floor. So we found some rope and swung it over the rail and I climbed up to the 4th floor and unlocked the side door into the sisters. It was fun. Got to be spider man sorta. Then as we did inspections we found out someone tried to break into an empty apartment so we went there. the guy was trying to use acid on the lock so we couldn't unlock it with a key so we have to saw it off and buy a new on. And that sums up all my burglar skills I practices this week. Lots of breaking and entering things.

Then on Sunday was the highlight of my week! We had a stake broadcast so everyone n the Kampala north area all came to the Kololo Chapel. I saw all my old friends from Seeta! Where I started my mission! Specifically I saw one family that I came to love so very much. Brother Humphrey's family. He was an Recent Convert when I came and had lost his job and by the time I left had been jobless for about a year and a half. Luckily he owned his home but he was barely surviving. His family lived off a small amount of money earned by his wife. And from what I got it didn't supply every meal maybe one a day. But he was always so happy to see missionaries and I loved his kids so very much! Anyways, soon after I left he got a job! Making good money as a factory manager or something like that. And when I saw him he was so happy to see me. Thanked me for all that I did for his family and such. It made me feel so good. However, a lesson i have seen before really hit home this time. You may feel like you haven't done much, you may forget what you have said but you can change people's lives without knowing it. You always hear stories how a missionary baptized maybe one person or even shared one lesson with someone but later on from that small and simple act lives and families have been changed. I honestly don't think I did much for this family but I guess my love was enough. And I will always remember this family as well. Even I was so happy to see Hiram and Haggi too (they are his two youngest children).

Always remember to be nice and love people! As my dad has told me many times "It is better to be nice than cool." I have seen how being nice can bless people even when you don't think it did much!

I love you all! Have a great week!
Love Elder Seibert​​​​​​

Photos: My climbing adventure, Elder Quateng cutting the lock and Brother Humphrey, Sister Robinah, Hilda, Hermon, Haggi, and Hiram (youngest to oldest), plus someone else, i assume it is there maid

Seibert Express

Hello Everyone,

Transfer day came and went. I got to open up The Seibert Express again. No speed bumps were nailed and the van of greenies wasn't as grand. I drove to round trips of Kampala to Jinja stopping in Lugazi along the way. It was not as stressful as last time since I an now a professional driver... :-/  The first time I got to drive just a pick up out since there were few then I drove the van of greenies back out. Super fun. My mission president was concerned and on the way back had my companion ask me 2 times if I was okay to drive not tired and then even though I said I was good told my (temporary) companion to get me a mt dew or the road. I never got it unfortunately. Not that I really drink Mt dew. I will say it was a blessing that I didn't feel tired at all while driving. The Lord was definitely helping because I don't even I think I yawned once while driving. Then the next day I showed my new companion, Elder Quateng (from Ghana) office life. He is learning but it will take time as always to fully understand.

A few funny experiences this week.
1) Yesterday while out proselyting a very drunk man stopped us. He had a couple of kids around 8 years old next to him and 2 math problems down in the dirt. 0-1= and 0-2=. I guess he was offering the kids 1000 UGX to get them right, well they both said 0 so he asked me i said -1 and got 1000 UGX only I gave it back. I almost was going to get myself a soda with it but decided not to.
2) I was driving today to get some food with a greenie in our house and we saw a butt naked guy just walking casually down the busy road super random. Gotta love Uganda

Have a great week everyone!!
Love Elder Seibert

We found adult diapers in the storage room opposite our house So i tried it on naturally
A cool bird out our window.
Us messing with the mattresses when we had visitors a few weeks a go. Missionaries cam in from far for a meeting so they stayed at our place and we grabbed a lot of mattresses from the storage for them.

Blessings Come through our Personal Studies

Hello Peeps,

Another week and another transfer have come and gone! It was a good week. We spent time in the area and were able to start working with the ward more fully. We are hoping to help with a few less active members and it is exciting to see the plans we are creating with the ward. I feel that this may be the most effective reactivation effort I will make on my mission. As for the rest of the week we did various errands delivering things and also sat at the house Saturday and Sunday due to a sick Elder Watts. He has been pretty sick for a while but I think President Collings has just been trying to get him to last since he was so close to actually finishing. Luckily the fight has been won. He will depart Thursday Evening with the rest of his group. But I am sure he will be relieved to be home and get better.

Also I just want to share how as we study the scriptures and other church materials it is one of the greatest ways to receive comfort and help from your Father in heaven. I have received help in numerous ways through out my mission and it is great. Whether it be personal or for an investigator the Lord always provides answers in my studies.

Have a great week everyone!
Love Elder Seibert

Oh also the man who teaches the Gospel Priciples class here mention how California has had bad weather as he put it. I think it is great how the church is so united that world wide we can be receiving prayers. I would never have though a man in Uganda would be aware of the problems in my home area!