Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Busy Week

Hello Peeps,

It was a super fast week. On Tuesday we had exchanges and that was fun. We were with Elder Anim. He is so humble and just a fun guy. He is from Accra, Ghana. (The factory of Africa). It was a good experience. You always learn on exchanges. Then we had Zone Conference on Thursday. Another transferly event that makes weeks seem faster. It is funny how it does. But it was a great meeting. Sister Collings gave a really nice training on using our planners effectively and planning a successful day. it was nice to learn those skills. Planning is a great thing. You get so much more accomplished in a day when you know when and where you will be going at what time. Also I realize goal setting is great, I need to improve though on the follow through. I like many am a great goal setter but not a good goal achiever.
Other then those activities the week was a typical missionary week. Walk, teach, find. We are teach quite a few children right now which is fun. 3 of them have been in the church fo ra while just need to be taught to be baptized. Then 1 is a granddaughter to a lady we are also teaching. She is so excited to be taught and is trying her best to read and learn. it makes me happy to see. Plus she came to church this Sunday with her Grandma. (The grandma came the first time yesterday too. She wanted to come the past 2 weeks but due to high blood pressure she was unable to come.) It was an awesoem Sunday. Even to top it off there were two baptisms yesterday. Missionary work is fun!

Well Everyone have a great week,
Love Elder Seibert

Also just want to say sorry if i came across harsh last week by saying my emails aren't a children's story book. I was simply justifying my laziness.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

The Greatest Job on the Earth

Hello People,

Sorry about last week. I got distracted and ran out of time. Anyways the missionary work has been really good here in Mpumedde. I love Uganda more and more each and everyday! This week we found like 4 kids, on top of 2 that we have already been teaching, who have been in the church for a few years but they were not baptised at age 8 so looks like we have to teach them before they can be baptised. I always feel a little bit like I am "cheating" when I teach kids like this. Not really a convert baptism but it does make me happy to get to know the kids. Children are the greatest people on this earth.
Each and everyday I come to love this work even more. It is amazing being able to feel so protected from the evils of the world and have the happiness of the gospel being felt everyday. Plus the life experience being learned is awesome. This s the greatest "job" on the planet (most of the time haha). 
This week I got to be on exchanges with Elder Appiah from Ghana. He is a powerful teacher. His knowledge of the gospel is impressive. We had interviews with President which is awesome as always too.
Lastly I was surprised to learn 1) nobody in my district knows the show "The Wild Thornberrys." I don't really know why it suprised me but still. I am not hat much older then these guys. Also something I can't mind but chuckle at is that when people pray here it is not uncomon to hear them pray for those who are in prison. Makes me smile. I never thought about praying for it. I guess we have things we say to all the time that they might find funny in a prayer.

That sums up my week though!
See Ya,
Love Elder Seibert

Sorry for no pictures, I am lazy and Want people to read the email not just look at the pictures (this isn't a childrens story book😁)

Sorry Folks

Sorry Folks,
I forgot today because I got wrapped up with other things it was a good week though. Had a baptism yesterday and found awesome investigators. The Lord is making the work easy for us tight now. But it won't stay that way if I have learned anything. Enjoy the goodness while it lasts!
Have a great week everyone!
Love Elder Seibert


Hello World,

Well I have officially been in Mpumedde for a few days now. We have been seeing lots of members and I am trying to get the area figured out. Mpumedde is an interesting place. It is a very residential area but it has no big shops. Mostly they are all in Jinja town so as a civilian that is no problem but as a missionary when you can't leave your area it is a bit bland when you diet is only eggs and beans and rice until today. I will get all my food for the week and start eating better. I am loving the area though. The members are awesome. It has been wicked hot though these days. Add in the Humidity and it makes the 12-4 time very nice haha. But like I said it is an awesome place. I am really excited to learn the area and put my pedal to the metal! Elder Goodrich is a good companion. No issues yet. Spiritually I can say always stick to the basics people. I have seen through out my time as a missionary that it is always the small and simple things that make the difference. Reading the Book of Mormon each day. Praying (on your knees), and many other things. Even as a missionary the small and simple things of disobedience add up. Not getting up on time, shaving daily, and so forth make a missionary go from good to great. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I love the one who makes it all possible, Jesus Christ. And being a missionary has been amazing because I have noticed how little things so often confirm a testimony!

Well everyone! Until next week! Have a spectacular week,
Elder Seibert

Good Bye Kampala!

Hello Peeps,
Transfer news came and I will be leaving Nsambya. Weird to only do 6 weeks in an area. (Even though I have served here before.) There have been a few awesome people who were baptized between the time a left and returned and to see the old friends it is kind of harder to leave now. As the stake president put it when I first came. "Elder Seibert, this is your home, Your mission President knows that and put you back." And stangly it does feel like home and even the fact that I am leaving Kampala after 20ish months here I feel like I really am moving away from home but I am excited! I will be going to a place called Mpumedde, just outside of a place called Jinja. It is considered the bush but it won't be that bad. I am so excited to see a different aspect of the mission. No more of this busy city life. My new companion is Elder Goodrich. It will be fun. Anyways this week has been awesome! Went by really fast. It has been a blast with Elder Shumway and even Elder Dailey at the end. We will see what life has in store.
Hope everyone has a good week though!
Love Elder Seibert

The Flood

Hello Peeps,
The week has been good. It was fun trying to figure out the teaching experience with 3 Elders instead of 2. Next week is transfers so We should go back to normal soon. Elder Dailey has been a good addition. He loves to talk so it makes my job easy. We have been enjoying life. We have 2 amazing investigators right now. One is named Nilam. She is half Indian and half Ugandan, and grew up Muslim but seems to have a lot of Christian beliefs. I believe her mom was a christian. She is so sweet and humble. I have loved teaching her. Then we have a girl named Olivia who is 20 and is half Rwandan and half Ugandan. (We have an exotic teaching pool. We even have a half Congolese and half Kenyan investigator.) Also very humble and super intelligent. She works at a restaurant we eat at often.
The excitement of the week however comes yesterday when we were at a dinner appointment only to get a call saying the other Elders house in our compound flooded because they left the tap on filling a water bottle. There was like an inch of water in the bedroom of the other elders who were not responsible for the flood while the one who left the water on had no problem in their room. Funny how life works that way. Anyways we spent good time getting rid of the water. Today for P-day Elder Shumway got souvenirs so I got some too. It was fun.
Have a good week Everyone!
Love Elder Seibert