Monday, September 25, 2017

Good Day Everyone

Good Day Everyone!

We had a great week. Our transfer has ended and it is crazy because the last of the 3 Big groups is going home and I am saying good bye to a lot of friends I have made. It is a crazy time in the mission right now. I think like half of our mission has been out under 18 weeks! It will be a fun time though meeting everyone as I get to start another round of apartment inspections soon! I have also noticed all of President Collings basketball playing missionaries are disappearing from the area. I think he might make some bias changes next transfer if the basketball numbers have gone down as mush as I think they have. (I have no idea why I thought of that) Anyways my transfer news is I get to stay in the office 6 more weeks with Elder Watts and then most likely another 6 weeks because Elder Watts has begun his final transfer! Crazy stuff. I don't have much else to say but I will really miss Elder Harding and Myers as the depart. They have been great examples to me!

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Seibert

Pics Cool bird and repeat pic? maybe but it shows Who Elder Harding and Myers are

Hello World

Hello World,

Hope everything is going well for you out there. We have been working hard as missionaries her in the Uganda Kampala Mission. This week the big and exciting news is we have finished our first round of apartment inspections. It is a relief to have them over and to know we will be able to spend more time in our area. We went to Entebbe and Kajjsansi on Tuesday and then Kampala ares on Wednesday (Mengo, Kololo, and Ntinda). I feel like my dad when he tells people where he flew during the week now. Anyways other then that we did some office work putting in all the Bap records and some other tasks and Saturday we had a ward activity. The Mutungo 1st ward played the Mutungo 2nd ward in Football (Soccer). Luckily it ended in a tie so there won't be contention btween the wards haha. People take football serious here.

That is all I have to say today So have a good week everyone
Love Elder Seibert

Yes I Am Still Alive

Hello Everyone

Sorry I forgot to write last week. I was sitting in my bed last Monday night thinking about life and couldn't remember emailing the group and I realized I never did. I do not know how that happened. Anyways these past two weeks have been pretty much me touring the mission. It was nice because I was able to do quite a bit of stuff. My entire time in Uganda I have only served in the Kampala region. So I have seen only 1 of the 4 Major groups of areas to serve here in the mission. So since we as office elders do apartment inspections we spent all last week and this week driving around "touring" the mission. I got to see the "promised land" of Masaka, the "cheap souvenir area" of Jinja and the "village areas" of Places like Walukuba and Busia. It was weird to see these places missionaries all talk about. Anyways I will say Busia reminded me of and old west ghost town kind of thing. Flat the building were all on one main road and had the same sort of box look that they always have. I was just missing the saloons with the swinging wooden doors. Also we were able to do some small missionary work as usual. We met a man named innocent who came to church yesterday and it made my day. He seems so prepared and just showed how the Lord provides. One we were put in his path to bring him the happiness of coming to church two the bishop went to school with him so he has a friend already and three the lord was able to maximize our limited time of proselyting which has been a love hate relationship for me. It is nice to not have to go walk in the hot sun all day but at the same time you just wish you could be out doing the work! Well I hope everyone is doing well and what not. Keep enjoying life and don't worry about me! My life is awesome right now!

Love you all
Elder Seibert

Also something else I did this past week was watched a video off the church website called "The Phone Call" and one called "The Mailbox." Maybe church video is a poor term but they were on the curch website. anyways One is cheesy but funny while the Mailbox made me very sad but it was also a great video to get your mind thinking. It sort of made me feel guilty. But if you get time enjoy haha

The Long awaited photos!
1) Elder Myers ripped his pants at Zone Conference when he did a whip and nay nay or whater the dance move is called
2) Elder Watts and I at Prayer mountain
3)Me at the Equator, they had the water swirling demos going kind of cool. Never paid attention to it untill then
4) Our District Photo at prayer Mountain
5)People in the ward we had a dinner appointment with

FYI Prayer mountain is as Elder Harding says "A place where you you get to go pray with hippies" it is mukono and it was our district activity last monday. we just went to take pics of the veiw and we were hoping to see monkeys but they weren't out that day

Pictures from Uganda

Office Work

Hello Everyone

Nothing too exciting to report on these days. Life in the office has been pretty straight forward. It seems like we are pulled in all directions though. We did have exchanges this week though and so I got to work with Elder Myers again. We just had a party being back together and going out doing the work . Plus we stayed up a little too late just talking about stupid things haha. I forgot to write down things to talk about this week so I have forgotten lots. I did just remeber that we celebrated a birthday in our district for an Elder Abram. We bought a cake and had a party with some members at the end of the day. It was pretty sweet. I don't have pictures though. Hope everyone is doing well!

Spiritual thing=> I liked this today in my personal study. Alma 31:38 It is alma's prayer vs the Zoramites prayer. I like how at the end it says his prayer happened because he had faith.

38 And the Lord provided for them that they should hunger not, neither should they thirst; yea, and he also gave them strength, that they should suffer no manner of afflictionssave it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ. Now this was according to the prayer of Alma; and this because he prayed ifaith.

Have a good week,
Love Elder Seibert

Pic with My trainer when he went home, another member from Makindye

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Up and Down

Hello Everyone,

This week was so weird. It has gone by so fast but everything seems to have happened so long ago. Adjusting to a new area is always a bit of a blur. I said good bye to lots of people in Makindye. but the hardest was for sure Aaron our investigator. HE is in a picture below with his kid, Alvin. I have loved teaching him so much and seeing the change in his life. However I feel so bad because right now he can't earn money because of the smashed boda incident with the wall falling. I included pictures of the carnage as well this week. Anyways after transfers on Wednesday I officially started my new assignment except ironically we haven't been in the official at all really. We have been driving around with different missionaries or ta couple days we had to take bunk beds to missionary apartments and it has just been up and down. We got to proselyte in the area on Sunday but even then it was just a few hours. Also driving in Uganda is something else. Roads are so narrow an d I honestly feel like you just drive as if you will head on collide then just squeeze by but as i have adjusted it hasn't been too bad. Being on the opposite side of the road isn't that bad really. Otherwise that was my week

Elder Seibert

To the Office

Hello People,
This week our transfer ended and the transfer news came. Elder Seibert you will be an office elder. I was shocked. This is the first time this mission has had office elders (at least in a long time). We used to have an office staff of locals who the church paid but I guess it is against church policy and so they no longer will be working there. It is a little sad but I know the Lord will help them find new jobs. So anyways I will be with an Elder named Elder Watts and it seems we will be very busy these next few weeks. We will be inspecting apartments, putting in baptismal records and whatever else. It will be a big learning experience since we will be the first. Anyways it should be fun. Even I was told we will have to type up Instruction type things for what we will do so it reminded me off the excitement I had back when I worked at Xemax: Surgical Supplies and had to type up instructions on how to create a cusp-lok. I look forward to the challenge though. Plus I will be serving around Elder Myers and Elder Harding again so it will be fun to be reunited with these guys in Mutungo (my new proselyting area).
As for the week it was good, I spoke in sacrament yesterday on Sabbath Day Observance. Also Crazy story! on Tuesday we were going to teach an investigator but when we got there it started hailiing hail the size of like cherries, (biggest I have ever seen) and sicne the roof are iron sheets it was too loud to teach so we waited, anyways while waiting it was pouring rain and thundering but then we heard thunder but also like an earthquake feeling/noise we look out the window and the wall of the neighbor had fallen! And the worst part is it smashed open on of the people's homes and our investigators motorbike he uses for money!!! But our investigator Aaron didn't think much about his bike when he saw the neighbor's house smashed he ran out in the rain to make sure they weren't trapped inside! He is such great guy! Luckily they weren't home but we went over and started moving all their stuff out of the water and such then when the rain stopped we continued our work. I just feel bad because now our investigator has no way to earn money for his family so food will be a problem. The neighbor said they would fix the bike but the money isn't there yet. So hopefully by the end of the week it will but We will see. I just wish I could help but I can't. Missionary life isn't easy at times.
Anyways Have a good week everyone!
Love, Elder Seibert
picturees will come next week