Saturday, October 21, 2017

Around Uganda in 8 Days

Hello World,

We had a super busy week! I went all across Uganda this week! And it was tiresome! We went from Kampala to Jinja to Iganga to Busia to Masaka to Entebbe in 5 days, many hours in the car! But the bulk of apartment inspections have been accomplished! The most difficult was Our venture to Jinja, Iganga, and Busia. We went out and got all of the Jinja area done Tuesday and Wednesday, While the 2nd half of wednesday was also driving to Iganga and then to Busia. Spent the night in Jinja Tuesday and Busia Wednesday. Drvoe all the way back to Kampala Thursday. And the best part is we switched trucks 2 times. So My Teteris skills are on point right now. We had to get all the fans filters and irons, ironing boards, Drying racks etc that were broken or going out to people in each truck and better yet on Thursday we had to stop back in Jinja to get two Washers loaded in then We had to reload it all into a truck we got in Lugazi to trade out. It was quite exciting. Other then that, that was our week. We went to masaka and such the other days as said. I know, I know my life is not too exciting these days haha. All well. The Eight days is because we hope to finish in the next 3 days. It is quite exciting haha

Love you guys!
Elder Seibert

I put lots of pics, mostly of the different trucks we loaded up, and me when we are doing inspections I got to scrub the filters and replace them all, I used a toilet brush as my scrubber, a stroke of genius for me haha, And don't worry it was brand new, I hadn't scrubbed any toilets with it also a crude map of our journey

Hello World 2.0

Hello World,

It was another wonderful week for Elder Seibert. Time continues to fly by and I just wonder where it went. This week we enjoyed a nce Office meeting so were actually were able to see a lot better what we need to do as office elders. Then Thursday we got to enjoy interviews. President Collings gave me some good advice. I have always been a little stressed trying to do everything we need to do which hasn't been a problem but it takes its toll. Anyways he asked about my spirituality level and I said it has been lower these days andd he said I just need to go back to the basics of missionary work. Do my companionship study (because we often skip it to accomplish things), and focus on investigators. That has been hard. With everything we do it is easy to put that on a back burner especially since we white washed and our teaching pool has been pretty small. However, I realize now even like I heard in general conference. There are certain things we should always do. The Gospel includes all those things. I never really thought I could loose a gospel focus as a missionary but it kinda has happened. We have gotten so wrapped up in peoples calling saying water or power is out or they need these materials that, for me, my mind has go to worldly concerns. Now these things are important but Right now I need to find a balance in life. A way to keep my missionary aspect alive. And that is true for all of us, there are things we all need to do but we need to make sure we balance the gospel aspect of our life first and foremost in our life! It is what brings happiness to everything that follows.

Also this week I celebrated my 21st birthday. Nothing too exciting happened that day. We had to do a lot of vehicle inspections that day while all the Zone leaders were in a leadership meeting even though it was more a leadership retreat if I do say so. They went hiking in the woods and then got drenched in a rainstorm haha. They had a good old time. I did eat cake and Ice cream yesterday though to celebrate and went with my house mates to lunch today.

Hope everyone is doing well. I love all your support and emails! Have a fantastic week!
Elder Seibert

Photos: (May not be in order as listed) I was trying to be one of those snakes in a basket (more so checking to see if I could fit to scare someone), Elder Obeng, one of my favorite elders burning stuff to celebrate a year, a crazy car we saw, and Elder Driggs and I before he got sent to Rwanda this transfer, also a picture of a sign we saw (I never knew the police people from around would have games against each other). 

Hello World

Hello World,

This week has been extremely busy! Tuesday I got to go to the airport and help pick up the new missionaries! It was interesting to see their faces as they walked off the plane. There were a lot of them. We were mostly there to only carry luggage in our truck. We did drive a few elders back to Kampala who flew in from Rwanda too for transfers. It was fun. Then Wednesday we had to take some beds down and move them around to adjust for the different areas that got trio companionships. Then at 2 we were at the Kololo chapel so we could drive the "Jinja van" trip. But due to space I got to drive it up without my companion. He had to drive some other missionaries to their areas in Kampala so I had a van full of suitcases and 9 brand new missionaries. 1 returning home missionary from a mission branch and 1 normal missionary. Well I started off and it wasn't too bad. Driving a 15 passenger manual van though is a different experience. I took a back road to cut traffic out of leaving Kampala and some of the speed bumps were gnarly! I didn't see one and I hammered it. Now that is not uncommon but to a bunch of greenies I am sure they were thinking where the heck did this guy learn to drive? haha but anyways the worst part was we hit bad jam! After I dropped people in Mukono, I had to rearrange luggage, then drop people in Lugazi then as I was in route to Jijna is when the jam hit. it was like 7 pm now and that was when I was suppose to be back in Kampala, not arriving at jinja. and I had all greenies in the car so everytime people called one elder would answer and have no idea what these people were saying. But 2 broken down cars and one car being towed later we reached Jinja around 8-8:30 and booked it back. All the missionaries in the car were ones going home so it wasn't as stressful. Plus I had someone else drive us back. He was a little more experienced in driving this route and I was tired so it was awesome. But him driving the van made me think of the scene in the Incredible when Mr. Incredible is driving in the van with his family about to fight the robot at the end. Elder LeCheminant, the one driving, has a similar build and just looked a little too big for the driver seat area just like Mr Incredible is portrayed. We made it back safely around 10 so that was nice. Then lastly Thursday I said farewell to all my friends haha. We drove the missionaries going home to the airport and it was weird watching them go into the airport and think  I won't see them again here in Uganda. It just seemed like they were being transferred though! Very Surreal. The best part of the drive though was going on this new road they are building. It is an express way from Kampala to Entebbe and it is still under construction though so in a way you aren't suppose to be on it but we had a local guy driving the other van so he got us in. It straight looked like the freeway from Napa. It was probably the nicest road I have ever seen (here in Uganda)! Anyways even though we were very busy this week and things didn't always go as planned it was a great week. I had fun with all these different experiences! As I look back on my mission experience it amazes me how people can come and go into your life so fast and yet leave a tremendous impact! There really is a plan to how God made us and our ability to socially interact. Also sorry if half of this doesn't make sense. I am trying to write very fast 😁

Have a great week!
Elder Seibert

Sorry No Pics, I should have gotten a sweet pic with our sweet ride. Maybe I will remember next time (if there is a next time)

Monday, September 25, 2017

Good Day Everyone

Good Day Everyone!

We had a great week. Our transfer has ended and it is crazy because the last of the 3 Big groups is going home and I am saying good bye to a lot of friends I have made. It is a crazy time in the mission right now. I think like half of our mission has been out under 18 weeks! It will be a fun time though meeting everyone as I get to start another round of apartment inspections soon! I have also noticed all of President Collings basketball playing missionaries are disappearing from the area. I think he might make some bias changes next transfer if the basketball numbers have gone down as mush as I think they have. (I have no idea why I thought of that) Anyways my transfer news is I get to stay in the office 6 more weeks with Elder Watts and then most likely another 6 weeks because Elder Watts has begun his final transfer! Crazy stuff. I don't have much else to say but I will really miss Elder Harding and Myers as the depart. They have been great examples to me!

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Seibert

Pics Cool bird and repeat pic? maybe but it shows Who Elder Harding and Myers are

Hello World

Hello World,

Hope everything is going well for you out there. We have been working hard as missionaries her in the Uganda Kampala Mission. This week the big and exciting news is we have finished our first round of apartment inspections. It is a relief to have them over and to know we will be able to spend more time in our area. We went to Entebbe and Kajjsansi on Tuesday and then Kampala ares on Wednesday (Mengo, Kololo, and Ntinda). I feel like my dad when he tells people where he flew during the week now. Anyways other then that we did some office work putting in all the Bap records and some other tasks and Saturday we had a ward activity. The Mutungo 1st ward played the Mutungo 2nd ward in Football (Soccer). Luckily it ended in a tie so there won't be contention btween the wards haha. People take football serious here.

That is all I have to say today So have a good week everyone
Love Elder Seibert

Yes I Am Still Alive

Hello Everyone

Sorry I forgot to write last week. I was sitting in my bed last Monday night thinking about life and couldn't remember emailing the group and I realized I never did. I do not know how that happened. Anyways these past two weeks have been pretty much me touring the mission. It was nice because I was able to do quite a bit of stuff. My entire time in Uganda I have only served in the Kampala region. So I have seen only 1 of the 4 Major groups of areas to serve here in the mission. So since we as office elders do apartment inspections we spent all last week and this week driving around "touring" the mission. I got to see the "promised land" of Masaka, the "cheap souvenir area" of Jinja and the "village areas" of Places like Walukuba and Busia. It was weird to see these places missionaries all talk about. Anyways I will say Busia reminded me of and old west ghost town kind of thing. Flat the building were all on one main road and had the same sort of box look that they always have. I was just missing the saloons with the swinging wooden doors. Also we were able to do some small missionary work as usual. We met a man named innocent who came to church yesterday and it made my day. He seems so prepared and just showed how the Lord provides. One we were put in his path to bring him the happiness of coming to church two the bishop went to school with him so he has a friend already and three the lord was able to maximize our limited time of proselyting which has been a love hate relationship for me. It is nice to not have to go walk in the hot sun all day but at the same time you just wish you could be out doing the work! Well I hope everyone is doing well and what not. Keep enjoying life and don't worry about me! My life is awesome right now!

Love you all
Elder Seibert

Also something else I did this past week was watched a video off the church website called "The Phone Call" and one called "The Mailbox." Maybe church video is a poor term but they were on the curch website. anyways One is cheesy but funny while the Mailbox made me very sad but it was also a great video to get your mind thinking. It sort of made me feel guilty. But if you get time enjoy haha

The Long awaited photos!
1) Elder Myers ripped his pants at Zone Conference when he did a whip and nay nay or whater the dance move is called
2) Elder Watts and I at Prayer mountain
3)Me at the Equator, they had the water swirling demos going kind of cool. Never paid attention to it untill then
4) Our District Photo at prayer Mountain
5)People in the ward we had a dinner appointment with

FYI Prayer mountain is as Elder Harding says "A place where you you get to go pray with hippies" it is mukono and it was our district activity last monday. we just went to take pics of the veiw and we were hoping to see monkeys but they weren't out that day

Pictures from Uganda