Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Up and Down

Hello Everyone,

This week was so weird. It has gone by so fast but everything seems to have happened so long ago. Adjusting to a new area is always a bit of a blur. I said good bye to lots of people in Makindye. but the hardest was for sure Aaron our investigator. HE is in a picture below with his kid, Alvin. I have loved teaching him so much and seeing the change in his life. However I feel so bad because right now he can't earn money because of the smashed boda incident with the wall falling. I included pictures of the carnage as well this week. Anyways after transfers on Wednesday I officially started my new assignment except ironically we haven't been in the official at all really. We have been driving around with different missionaries or ta couple days we had to take bunk beds to missionary apartments and it has just been up and down. We got to proselyte in the area on Sunday but even then it was just a few hours. Also driving in Uganda is something else. Roads are so narrow an d I honestly feel like you just drive as if you will head on collide then just squeeze by but as i have adjusted it hasn't been too bad. Being on the opposite side of the road isn't that bad really. Otherwise that was my week

Elder Seibert

To the Office

Hello People,
This week our transfer ended and the transfer news came. Elder Seibert you will be an office elder. I was shocked. This is the first time this mission has had office elders (at least in a long time). We used to have an office staff of locals who the church paid but I guess it is against church policy and so they no longer will be working there. It is a little sad but I know the Lord will help them find new jobs. So anyways I will be with an Elder named Elder Watts and it seems we will be very busy these next few weeks. We will be inspecting apartments, putting in baptismal records and whatever else. It will be a big learning experience since we will be the first. Anyways it should be fun. Even I was told we will have to type up Instruction type things for what we will do so it reminded me off the excitement I had back when I worked at Xemax: Surgical Supplies and had to type up instructions on how to create a cusp-lok. I look forward to the challenge though. Plus I will be serving around Elder Myers and Elder Harding again so it will be fun to be reunited with these guys in Mutungo (my new proselyting area).
As for the week it was good, I spoke in sacrament yesterday on Sabbath Day Observance. Also Crazy story! on Tuesday we were going to teach an investigator but when we got there it started hailiing hail the size of like cherries, (biggest I have ever seen) and sicne the roof are iron sheets it was too loud to teach so we waited, anyways while waiting it was pouring rain and thundering but then we heard thunder but also like an earthquake feeling/noise we look out the window and the wall of the neighbor had fallen! And the worst part is it smashed open on of the people's homes and our investigators motorbike he uses for money!!! But our investigator Aaron didn't think much about his bike when he saw the neighbor's house smashed he ran out in the rain to make sure they weren't trapped inside! He is such great guy! Luckily they weren't home but we went over and started moving all their stuff out of the water and such then when the rain stopped we continued our work. I just feel bad because now our investigator has no way to earn money for his family so food will be a problem. The neighbor said they would fix the bike but the money isn't there yet. So hopefully by the end of the week it will but We will see. I just wish I could help but I can't. Missionary life isn't easy at times.
Anyways Have a good week everyone!
Love, Elder Seibert
picturees will come next week

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Doxy Dreams

Hello World,
Makindye has been a blessed land for us this week just as it was last week. The Lord has just been putting the right people in our path each and everyday. I haven't had to knock a door in 2 weeks because people are stopping us, missionaries our giving us peoples numbers and they are just appearing at the church. It is starting to make me get worried that when the time will come I will have to knock on doors again I will not be motivated. Nothing too exciting has been happening this week that I would say is out of the ordinary for a missionary. So I will tell you about Doxy Dreams. These are a result of the medicine we take to prevent Malaria, Doxi-something but we just call it doxy. And elders have told me it makes you dream crazy and bizarre dreams. Anyways I don't know if it really is the medicine but I will say ever since I came to Uganda I have had some of the most vivid dreams in my life. They have involved all sorts of people and the best way to describe them is that if I could know the whole plot as to how I got into the situation I am in in the dream I could be a rich man from the books or movies I could be making from them. They would mostly fall in the action or adventure category. I wish I had a dream I could tell you but unfortunately the best I can remember is in one I was like Indiana Jones (having some sort of treasure or artifact) and being chased be someone for it. It was awesome!
Anyways on a more spiritual note I have to say it is weird to know my brother is now in the mission field too going to Paraguay. However it goes to show how true this message is and how it is meant for the entire world. So I would encourage everyone to read the Book of Mormon. It is true. It changes lives and helps us to know Jesus Christ especially as I like to put it, it helps us really see the WHY of Jesus Christ not the WHAT. The bible to me helps me see WHAT He did and the Book of Mormon WHY He did it. I love my brother and the example he is to me.
Love you all, have a fabulous week,
Elder Seibert
We went to the mosque again today, one of the awesome kids of makindye carrying her gerri can to get water and mormon helping hands

Sleeping in the Presidential Suite

Hello Everyone!
This week has been good. We had a Zone Conference which are always uplifting even though I was upstairs sleeping for 75% of it haha. It was kind of a weird experience but I just had a fever that came that day and it was not nice. I think it was something I ate the day before that triggered it. It is something else to be there but not really. Also on Saturday there was a ward activity which was fun but due to a heavy rain when it was suppose to start it was like 2 hours late to start but it was still good in the end. Lastly I just want to say the Lord has been blessing us this week with just putting prepared people in our path! So nice. And to wrap it up this was a scripture that stuck out to me this morning while studying. Jacob 4:10. It seemed like I have never read it before! 
"Wherefore, brethren, seek not to counsel the Lord, but to take counsel from his hand. For behold, ye yourselves know that he counseleth in wisdom, and in justice, and in great mercy, over all his works."
Have a great week everyone!
Love Elder Seibert
Hopefully this isn't a repeat pic. its from a few weeks ago from a hike we went on I don't have time today for the new photos I have


Hello Everyone,
This week has been pretty We had another baptism yesterday! I was so happy! It is a members daughter who turned 9 before she was baptized so she is somehow a freebie to us but it was still fun to teach her and the joy of her father yesterday was awesome. He has been having some troubles this past week so I think this brought much needed joy! Her name is Benitah and she is a fun girl until you teach her, then she gets quite. But after church we were invited to the bishops home to celebrate her baptism and even her 10th birthday which was the the day before.
Also today one of the neighbors to our investigator invited us to teach us how to make pilau (a Muslim rice dish) It was a lot of fun. She bought all the food we showed up and then she told us what to do. The investigator and his family along with the neighbor were laughing a lot at us one because I am whit e and they think I have maids and such do everything for me at home. And 2 we just looked inexperienced. I guess My moma didn't teach me how to cook well (not really! She did her best!). Anyways those are the highlights this week!
Have a fun week everyone!
Elder Seibert

The Law of Chastity and Then Some

Hello Everyone!
We are having a good time here in Makindye! Time continues to speed up and it is a crazy thing! Noteworthy things this week all happened yesterday. We had two baptisms for some wonderful people! One was so prepared and from day one has progressed so fast. He goes by the name Sunday. The other, GLoria, took a while to gain the testimony but it was no less worth it! We have been teaaching here since May Maybe end of April. It was a happy day for us. The otheer thing was we probably taught one of the most legendary Law of Chastity lessons for me on my mission. It was somehow awkward I will say. There is a member whose daughter turned 9 before being baptized so we as missionaries have had to teach her in order to be baptized. So she had the interview yesterday and Elder Moyes, the interviewer, said we just need to review the Law of Chastity. So we did it right after so she will be ready for next week. Anyways we taught it with the Father around, and the Bishop and his wife (who are like her back up parents since the mom is not in the picture and the dad sometimes gets busy with work and other stuff.) Anyways in the end this lesson took like 2 hours they covered everything. Some I understood, most was put in Luganda. They covered sex before marriage, proper marriage, puberty, rape, stranger danger, then it even go to friend groups, also they covered clean language, good touch bad touch an many more things since 3 adults were all throwing in their thoughts. All of who are people who like to talk. Honestly I felt a little awkward since we are missionaries not the parents but since we started the lesson and the adults took over I felt like we got more tied to it then we were. Anyways it was probably good because it broke the ice for the father to cover some of these topics she needs/deserves to hear from him but still we didn't need to be there for half the lesson haha.; Mission life. It was interesting. But Benitah will be baptized next Sunday and it will be a good day.
That was my week. Today I got to enjoy sports in Kololo. I played some basketball and talked to old friends. It is always nice to relax. As the missionary handbook says quoting a prophet of God "And see that all these things are done in wisdom and orderfor it is not requisite that man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order. (Mosiah 4:27)"
Have a good week everyone!
Love Elder Seibert
A monkey that is always by our house, our lake adventure a few weeks ago (one of the awkward ones dressed up because we didn't have time to change...) and the baptism


Everything is good in Makindye. Transfers came and went and therefore we are down to 2 elders in Makindye and 2 Sisters. It has been a really busy week trying to work in all the other Elder's Investigators into our teaching pool. We are looking forward to a very fast and productive transfer this time around. I say that every time I think but still mission only gets better! We had a lot of success this week in our finding efforts which was truly a blessing. It is always nice not to have to spend time knocking doors all day. Also they had ward conference in Makindye yesterday which was fun because I got to see a couple members from Nsambya since they have stake callings. I love the relationships you can develop on a mission. I have met so many wonderful people! It is inspiring to see how the gospel can unite people from all over the world and establish such great bonds. Truly the relationships we build on earth are far superior to anything the world can give us. It is a blessing to create so many memories here in a land I never thought I would ever visit!
Have a good week everyone!
Love Elder Seibert