Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Learning From the Wise and Experienced

Hello People
Not a whole lot to report this week! We have been seeing a lot of blessings here in makindye but for one reason or another these people are just not quite there for baptism! But it is okay we are strengthening their testimony and they are just wonderful people! I love Makindye so much! Transfers came and I get to stay for another 6 weeks so that is nice! This area is so big! Sadly though the other Elders in our house are leaving and not being replaced so the place will be a little lonely but it will help so much for me to get to know Elder Ncube better! It will be fun. Something cool though this morning was that when we were exercising this morning one day I was able to see my breath! I haven't seen that in a year! Also just a thought that was shared by a member yesterday. He taught us about faith and trust in God's commandments. He said something along the lines of "Why do we spend so much time thinking about these things of the world when we are only here for a short time!? After this life we are all going to sit in front of God and account for how well we kept his commandments." I loved it especially since it was this comical 80 year old member in the ward! I love their wisdom. But I can say I completely agree with what he said. WE really should put more trust in God's commandments we all to often look at them as rule when really they are the keys to happiness. Every choice we make has consequences and it is up to us to follow God's commandments so we have good consequences. Or in other words receive the blessing God promises!
I truly love this work and look forward to doing it each day! I love the people I meet each day and the things I learn from them! Have a good week everyone!
Love Elder Seibert

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