Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Doxy Dreams

Hello World,
Makindye has been a blessed land for us this week just as it was last week. The Lord has just been putting the right people in our path each and everyday. I haven't had to knock a door in 2 weeks because people are stopping us, missionaries our giving us peoples numbers and they are just appearing at the church. It is starting to make me get worried that when the time will come I will have to knock on doors again I will not be motivated. Nothing too exciting has been happening this week that I would say is out of the ordinary for a missionary. So I will tell you about Doxy Dreams. These are a result of the medicine we take to prevent Malaria, Doxi-something but we just call it doxy. And elders have told me it makes you dream crazy and bizarre dreams. Anyways I don't know if it really is the medicine but I will say ever since I came to Uganda I have had some of the most vivid dreams in my life. They have involved all sorts of people and the best way to describe them is that if I could know the whole plot as to how I got into the situation I am in in the dream I could be a rich man from the books or movies I could be making from them. They would mostly fall in the action or adventure category. I wish I had a dream I could tell you but unfortunately the best I can remember is in one I was like Indiana Jones (having some sort of treasure or artifact) and being chased be someone for it. It was awesome!
Anyways on a more spiritual note I have to say it is weird to know my brother is now in the mission field too going to Paraguay. However it goes to show how true this message is and how it is meant for the entire world. So I would encourage everyone to read the Book of Mormon. It is true. It changes lives and helps us to know Jesus Christ especially as I like to put it, it helps us really see the WHY of Jesus Christ not the WHAT. The bible to me helps me see WHAT He did and the Book of Mormon WHY He did it. I love my brother and the example he is to me.
Love you all, have a fabulous week,
Elder Seibert
We went to the mosque again today, one of the awesome kids of makindye carrying her gerri can to get water and mormon helping hands

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