Tuesday, June 6, 2017

New Life

Hello Everyone
It has been an interesting week. Elder Myers and I wrapped up our time together this week and it was sad to see him go. I had so much fun with him. Luckily I will still get to see him around since he is in a near by area. So Wednesday was transfer day so very little missionary work was done but it was the day I met Elder Ncube (probably said it last week but the NC make a clicky noise that we make when imitating mice and rabbits but with an n sound in front). He is a good guy. He isn't scared at all about talking to others which is good. I struggled with that at first. Doing 12 week training is definitely a lot more responsibility then I once thought haha. It really gets you on your knees praying for guidance and you really recognize you inadequacies. You really start to think about every little thing you do as a trainer and say "Is this the best option? Could I set a better example then this?" There is no doubt I will be working on trying to more fully rely on the Lord these next 12 weeks. However, I did realize the Lord is always there to lift you up. On Friday I was doing my personal study as usual and I was on Ether 12 in the BoM for the day. And I honestly went in thinking I won't learn much since I have read it often before but As I read it I realized it was what I needed to hear that day. It really taught me, in a time of self doubt, that it doesn't matter about me. I just need to exercise my faith and everything will work out. I just need to do what I can and the Lord will make up the rest. I truly learned to love the Book of Mormon again at that moment. It truly can answer questions of the soul, both temporal and spiritual and that no matter the trail or times you've read it it will always bring peace and comfort to you! The Book of Mormon is true and is there to bring us peace!
Have a great week everyone!
Love you all
Elder Seibert
Elder Myers and I having fun with the effects and the cute kids of Makindye ward

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