Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Week of Sorrow

Hello World,
This week was good in the missionary work but at the same time for Elder Myers and I just felt off. The problem was that our greatest investigator ever faced a few set backs. So Bonita is a 16 year old girl we met while teaching her cousin. Bonita and her sister stay at the cousin's home (sounds like they  don't have the best relationship with their mother, i guess the mom is pretty strict and a staunch catholic) Right off the bat Bonita took more interest and really started to help get her cousin more serious and then brought her sister into the mix. All 3 have been coming to church for a while and everything. Anyways Bonita has strong testimony. It is burning SOOOO bright and then this week hit her but also us pretty hard. Monday evening we found out her mom decided that she doesn't want Bonita to come to the church anymore. The other two told us she and the mother were QUARRELING and she was crying. We felt so bad but we confirmed we could still teach all of them. Then Tuesday we went to teach them and found out the mom went a step further and said she can't meet with us anymore too. Then Thursday the bomb was dropped that now the Mom going to put her in boarding school not day school. So we organized to teach Bonita Saturday and on Friday we got permission to go to the distribution to get a book called Gospel Principles for Bonita to read to help her keep a strong testimony for the next 2 years. I have no doubt she will be baptized as soon as she hits 18 years old. But anyways that was just a really discouraging moment for us here and I think was in the back of our minds the whole week. But not really much we can do but pray to the Lord and keep pushing on!
Lastly this week we got our transfer news and our new transfer began today. Elder Myers will leave me here to go to Mutungo and I get the privilege of training a new missionary. Poor guy haha. Anyways his name is Elder Ncube (the nc however make a sound like when you imitate a mouse or rabbit is the best way I can describe it.) I learned his name pronunciation from Elder Mukaro a Zimbabwean. Therefore we think he is from Zim but we will find out Wednesday when we have the transfer movements. Wish me luck.

Have a Great week everyone!
Love Elder Seibert

Lots of pictures this week thanks to the Gadaffi Mosque trip last Monday! Enjoy haha

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