Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Inner Workings

Hello Y'all
This week has been really good. We had interviews which was really nice. IT is always good to get a break from the work but at the same time when you aren't doing it you miss it I have learned. It was neat though because President Collings described a little about how he does transfers and showed me the app he uses that the church has. The church is amazing with the different tools they have made for all the various aspects of the church.
The rest of the week went smoothly as usual. A good moment was teaching a lesson to an investigator we have named Denice. Our goal was to help her see the purpose of why we share what we share! To help people come unto Christ and specifically be helping her find the same church Christ himself approves and established. Many people here seem to think as long as the church teaches about Christ it is a good church. We came out and you could tell she was a little shaken but I honestly feel it was what she needed and she came to church still so that was good!
Anyways not much else I have to say. I just want to end by asking a question someone said in church yesterday. I thought it was amazing and can mean a lot. Especially since it seemed like General Conference mentioned a lot about becoming a more true disciple of Christ
When people see us do they see Christ?
Love Elder Seibert
  • District Photo - # of chairs equals # of transfers
  • Awesome boy in the ward who looks like he is stoned all the time because of how he always has his eyelid drooped
  • 2 sister who are very stubborn girls, they stole my camera and had a photo shoot.

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