Monday, April 17, 2017

Wilford Woodruff Week

Hello people,
So to explain the title--> President Collings this week decided he wanted us to show extra faith this week and follow the example of Wilford Woodruff and work diligently. I guess he was know for how hard of a worker he was. So He had us proselyte from 10-10 (1 hour longer then usual). I have to admit I was a little remorseful to find out that we would be doing that. Here in Makindye I have struggled to find people to teach at night. And you cannot knock doors unless you want to be blasted. But I will say it worked out. We did a lot of street contacting and we used the time to find more members homes. So altogether we saw blessings. Sadly we however were unable to do as much finding and teaching as I would have hoped. Our time was pulled else where. We had Zone Conference one day which was amazing as always then the next 2 days we had to go to the mission office to do an assignment President Collings asked me, my comp and another companionship to do. It was setting a standard for the working fund budget (Money used by Zone leaders to pay for petrol for the trucks basically). I have no idea why I was selected. I think it is mostly because my companion is an old Zone Leader so president wanted him on the committee and I got to tag a long. The other companionship was a zone leader companionship. It was difficult due to lack of records. Anyways it all worked out. Anyways that basically was my week. Lots of sitting in the mission office and the mission home. Wilford Woodruff week was a somewhat success but still this work is amazing!
This morning I studied a talk about humility. It was amazing because I always hear missionaries say he is humble and I always wondered what really makes one humble and where does the line of confidence be drawn? When does it become pride. The speaker set a good standard by setting from this line he once heard "I am just as good as anyone but no better!" It really does help us see that pride comes when we think we are better then someone be it physically, mentally, spiritually or economically, but it is okay to think I can do this just as well as anyone else. Also this experience shows how God in his own due time answers the questions of his children. I never specifically prayed for this answer nor was I searching for it but I stumbled upon this article and it answered that question and left an impression on me. I truly love the workings of God and how when you look at the little things you will see God was playing a bigger role in you  life then expected.
Hope everyone is doing well!
Love, Elder Seibert
Photos, A dinner appointment, A bakery snack when on exchanges with Elder Hazen, and a hole cut in our screen by a thief a few weeks ago when we left the windows open to cool the house at night (he was unable to steal anything of value due to the bars and stuff being to far from reach. just a shirt of my companion). And also we found out this week that the thief turned out to be our guard. He was wearing the stolen shirt so he was fired, he also was showing up drunk to work. Not the best idea folks.

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