Monday, April 17, 2017

A Final Week In Paradise

Hello People
It has been an awesome week and starting today it is the last week of the transfer and one week left for my Companion Elder Beja to be here in the blessed land of Uganda. He is  describing this experience as receiving a dear john. Don't really know how that feels though.
Anyways this week was awesome for us! We were able to find some awesome people to teach who are amazing with the questions and understanding! Also a man we have been teaching Zan Klont (Jean Claude) was baptized yesterday! It was awesome! I still cannot describe the joy of baptizing these people you watch have their testimony grow in front of you! We were also happy to be able to have the baptism. We thought he had left for Congo this week and he would be gone for some time but turns out his trip was delayed so we got to baptize him. He is an amazing man. He has been all over too (sorta) He is 1/4 Greek, 3/4 Congolese has lived in Brussels, Congo, Kigali, and Kampala and speaks too many languages. African people amaze me with their language skills! Another Congolese member was able to baptize him saying the prayer in french (Thats what they speak in the Congo) so that was cool too!
Finally it has been going around the mission like wildfire! But we are all so excited to hear that the Kenya Nairobi temple has been anouunced it will be a huge blessing for the People of Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya! Even many more!
Anyways that is the major excitement of my week!
Hope Everyone is having a good life!
Love Elder Seibert
Photos: The baptism, jean is the shorter stouter one, and my wildlife collection from this week the snail was HUGE! like bigger then my hand. Also a rat nibbled 1000 shilling note. 1000 is a fraction of a dollar FYI 3500 UGX = 1USD

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