Monday, April 17, 2017

Why Do You Teach The Restoration First?

Hey everyone!
Makindye has been good like always! Elder Beja has continued to give me sage advice from his vast missionary experience and it has been wonderful. It is definitely interesting to watch how missionaries become when they are coming to a close! Some get very stubborn others like Beja continue to work and do their best but you can just see there mind starts to go elsewhere haha.
Anyways during the week our most exciting thing was the Zone Leaders came on exchanges with us. It was a good experience. Elder Hazen worked with me and he asked me a good question. "What do you teach the Restoration first?" He wanted to specifically draw out: Are we teaching to convince or to invite the spirit? It was a profound question to me. He really got me to realize I was getting a little mechanical in my teaching. It wasn't necessarily that I was teaching to convince but it wasn't my best effort to invite the Spirit I realized. It really helped me to open my eyes again as a missionary. It is always better when you look for the spirit and how you have been helped each day.
Also there was a stake fireside on missionary work on Saturday that our mission president had all the missionaries in Kampala attend. It was nice. The best part was though I got to see people from Seeta and talk to them and see how all the people are doing there! I found out the father of one of the families there that we visited a lot finally got a job again! It makes me so happy! Now his kids can go back to school and he can have that burden lifted off his shoulders.
Anyways that was my week!
Love Elder Seibert

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