Monday, April 17, 2017

Bye Bye Beja

Hello Everyone!

Here in the Pearl of Africa life is great. Nothing too exciting happened this week just the good old work of the Lord going forth. The best part of this week was definitely General Conference. I don't know if it was just that profound and uplifting to me this time or it is because I just have never paid such close attention r maybe it is just the missionary spirit that filled me but I absolutely loved this General Conference. I loved all the talks and such. Elder Dallin H. and Ronald A. Rasband were some of my favorites. Also transfers came this week and I will be having Elder Myers join me here in Makindye. The pattern continues of american - African - American companions. But I am excited to work with him. He is a funny guy and it will be a blast. Other then that we had a lot of dinner appointments this week because Elder Chisale and Beja have now finished their missions and people wanted to say bye. It has been a wonderful transfer with Elder Beja I truly admire his hard work at the close of his mission. Weird to think he goes home this Friday. He is a happy man though and I don't blame him.

Well that's all folks!
Love Elder Seibert

Photos: Old ones I don't know if I sent already or not but I figured something had to be sent to please the crowds

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