Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hot Days

Hello Peoples

Everything is going well here in Uganda. However it has been very sunny out. So fun fact I am starting to forget the 50 states. I tried to write them all down the other day while waiting for an investigator to come and I forgot 8 of them and I don't think I would have remembered any of them but anyways I know more then 90% of you back at home would forget at least 1-3 states if you tried to do it without a map.

Funny Story For the Week
We were having a zone meeting and after we went to lunch. And while we were waiting for a couple of elders to pick up some food they ordered before we went to where we all were a cop got very upset at Elder Smith for no reason. We were pulled to the side of the road and his hazards were on and there was plenty of room for people to pass on the side but the officer pulls up on the side in a civilian car on the side and points for elder smith to pull forward and elder smith points you can just go on by a little confused. Then a big truck comes from the other way and so the officer who is blocking the road backs up then the big dump truck thing passes no problem but the police guy gets out of his car and tells elder smith to get out (probably wanting to arrest him) but elder smith says I can move forward if you really need me to and so the officer to prove his dominance in front of all the boda guys walks to the front of the car and rips of the license plate and walks off saying come to the police station to get it. It was pretty comical. Still not sure what the problem was though but when they went to get the plate it wasn't there.

As for the spiritual side of this week was how the when the Lord prepares someone he will make sure to put you in the path of that person. Elder Oliverson and I found this one guy and as we were starting the lesson his sister or cousins comes and joins us. She was very interested and we got her number but we kept trying to teach her again but she kept saying I am in Mukono. We thought it was just for the holidays but after a few times of us calling her and her calling us to come we found out she actually lives there. So we gave her number to the Mukono elders and that was that. But today one of the Mukono elders, Elder Harding, thanked us for the referral. He said he forgot to call her but one day got a feeling he needs to greet this girl and so he does and it turns out to be the woman we found and now she is coming to church and progressing well. I love how that stuff just happens. As a missionary I have seen how miracles happen everyday it's just a matter of seeing them, even the small ones.

Anyways have a fantastic week
Elder Seibert

Here are photos, one is elder smith others are of kids that elder Oliverson and I are now good friends with now who are always at the restaurant we eat at every day. The kid in the red shirt and the one in the burgundy shirt are my favorites haha

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