Monday, January 2, 2017

It's a Brand New Year with Some Possible Changes

Hello People
Another week has flown by. Each transfer seems to move a little faster each time. The holidays have definitely been treating me well here. On New Year's Eve we were in the house by 7 I don't know if it was really necessary but it was what was asked of us and it gave us a little more time to do a few house things which was nice. And the next day 2 members invited us over for meals
 which was nice except they were back to back and with the food here you are full for the whole day after one meal so that was fun trying to finish both! But I was glad we were able to go see these members and what not. It helps Elder Oliverson and I especially because with white washing here we still are trying to build our member relationships and diversify the members who work with us. I love how willing the members are to work with us here though!
Also this week we had some changes and news of potential changes brought to use we will see in the next few weeks what happens but the one change we do have now is that within our districts our area lines have been erased. So now the two or three companionships in each ward/branch can proselyte wherever they want. It is an interesting change but it has helped a few areas so now President Collings has applied it to us all.
Also on Saturday we had a baptism for Christine. She has been a powerful investigator and it was great to see here baptized and then confirmed on SundayFriday night though elder Oliverson and I had to clean the Baptismal font. It was fun to do haha. But that pretty much sums up our week. I forgot my little notebook that i write a few things down in each day to help me write each week so this is all I remember. Oh besides the fact we met a guy who said his name is Baseball. And I think he was even serious when he said it to us. I still don't know though if he was pulling our leg but it wouldn't surprise me if it really was his name with a few of the names I have heard here.
Well Have an excellent week!
Love Elder Seibert

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