Monday, January 2, 2017

I Had Christmas Down in Africa

Hello once again everyone,
This week has been a great week with all the different people we met and taught even. This week we had a guy we have been struggling with to get him to progress so we taught him how to properly pray. I felt like the whole lesson was just not getting anywhere he just wasn't getting what we were telling him no matter how we explained it. But at the end of the lesson we asked him to give a prayer. It was amazing. He started it and did exactly as we taught. Addressed Heavenly Father and asked questions, said what he was grateful etc and then closed in the name of Jesus Christ. It was a completely different experience when he prayed properly. I felt the Holy Ghost come into the room instantly. It is amazing how a proper prayer said humbly and with sincerity can be such a difference in life. Prayer has always been a big part of my life and probably something I have the strongest testimony in. God truly answers prayers and wants us to communicate with him as what he is, Our LITERAL Father in Heaven.
Anyways Christmas down here was awesome we went to the bishop`s house here in Nsambya and he destroyed us with SUPER good food. This guy is super rich! His house is like a mansion with a view of Lake Victoria. All from just starting a printing company. I like how little ideas and a lot of hard work can pay off. Even he talked about how trust is so vital in a good relationship. It first came up in the aspect of business but then he even talked about how it applies to friendships and ultimately  your marriage. He is a powerful guy! Then we also went to another members house for dinner. It was a nice day and finally calling home was good. A little surreal though. I feel like it still hasn't clicked that it happened.
That sums up my week. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year to you all
love Elder Seibert
Also I got my pictures to work this week:) Also FYI the new music the church released for the 2017 mutual theme is very nice!

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