Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Time


It is crazy to me how fast the Christmas season is coming and going to me. There really isn't much change here to realize that it is getting close to Christmas. The weather actually gets hotter and there are really such things as decorations here but it`s probably better that way. This way I won`t start missing home haha. But anyways the work has been wonderful in Nsambya. We are find lots of people who are genuinely interested and even it is just the promised land. We have an investigator named Christine who is awesome. She will be baptized super soon I think Before the end of the year hopefully. It is crazy how much happiness she has from finding the church and such. Also we had another guy stop us on the street earlier this week and we taught him a couple time s and he came to church! But he left after sacrament. Yesterday sacrament was a little more like a sermon. the two speakers both went over 20 mins. But it was good. They had nice talks on repentance.
Also one of the greatest things about the people here is that they are super nice and what not. People who own little shops are always so welcoming when it starts raining. They will open up the bars on their entrance if it starts pouring super hard and let us take shelter. It is a blessing every time.
We also had a ward christmas party on saturday which was great. We got fed lots of food like usual in Uganda. Then different groups of people sang and such. Also we had a mission christmas party today with half the mission. This one consisted of skits by each zone. It was good. We got fed nice there too.
Anyways That is all i have to report and sorry once again I don`t have pictures. I have been a little lazy here
Have a good week.
Love elder Seibert

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