Monday, December 5, 2016

Strange Things in Seeta

Hello Everyone,

Lots of things have been happening in Seeta that have been weird or different. Some I can include others probably will have to wait till post mission.

Anyways we had interviews with President Collings this week which is always uplifting and inspiring. He seems to always know what to say and such to motivate. Something I liked that he told our zone was that often when you are doing everything you should be as a church member or even an individual you will often see that you will think of something you should be doing or what not right before you receive the challenge from someone else.

Anyways one of the different things happened yesterday at church during Sacrament meeting. There was a woman with a baby there that I hadn't seen before anyways throughout the meeting she would occasionally let out a moan or something. I thought it was weird but that she probably just had some sort of illness so I didn't think much about it. However when the last speaker was speaking she gets up walks to the front and kneels by the speaker and starts moaning and such pulls what looked like a medicine bottle out and such and the whole meeting stops. The leaders try to help her and just take her out so the meeting can progress but she just wasn't moving for the longest time and they couldn't figure out what she wanted. People gave here money, she would push it away and what not. continues moaning the kids are all super interested of course. Another tried taking the baby from her to have her come but that didn't work anyways after 5-10 minutes they get her out and helped her while the meeting continued. I was able to have a front row seat since I got to chorister again so I was sitting in the stand. I later found out that she was deaf and dumb and that she was raped which made me feel bad. Not sure how they found out that she was raped i guess she can probably write maybe someone knew sign language but still I felt bad for her. People have sad stories here. Even lots of people have lost fathers or mothers to a death etc. It makes me very appreciative of the many blessings I have. Also from the experience I loved seeing how quickly church members will come to help someone in need and forget themselves.

Also one thing I have come to love while on mission is how the lord answers my questions so quickly and even while I am not trying super hard to find the answer. Whether it be something I read or hear I will just get a small thought or impression and i realize it was an answer. One example being I was thinking why would God have the great apostasy it doesn't seem fair but then a day or two later I realized that its been a pattern throughout history and that I accept the ones mentioned in the bible such as with noah or abraham or moses so what makes it any different now. There have been many other little questions that have just answered that have strengthened my testimony so much. It just goes to show we need to "doubt our doubts" and that as we do what we are suppose to we will be given what we need. I love this Gospel. Being a missionary even though it isn't easy it has been lots of fun and truly one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. To know the highest of highs we need to know the lowest of lows at times!

Hope everyone is doing well,
Love Elder Seibert

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