Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Another Week Come and Gone

Hello World,

The missionary work in Seeta is continuing to move on. Last Monday I cut someones hair which was interesting. Man the hair of Africans is intense with the thickness and tightness of curls. I ended up just shaving his head. I learned back in the MTC that most Africans hair is fake. Which blew my mind. They either weave/braid this stuff that's like horse hair on or the they get what is called a weave which is basically a sewn on wig. I always thought they just used chemicals or braided it like the Mexicans do with corn rows. We also got caught in the rain 3 times this week it was awesome. Storms here can come fast. The first one was by far the coolest with the dust blowing everywhere and the wind blowing the banana trees. Reminded me of a movie or something. Was a little concerned an iron sheet would fly off but wasn't that concerned. Also yesterday they had me chorister in the branch. that was the second time they just randomly called me up out of the congregation to chorister. I feel bad doing it. I lead okay but not really the most animated person up there.
This week we were doing a lot of knocking on doors and such. It always makes for a long day but the work must go forth. However it was all made worth it at the end of the week. The Lord blesses you for diligence and hard work. We received a call from the other elders in our district saying there was a guy we needed to teach who has been looking for the church for sometime now. It was a blessing and even brightened my day because the past few days had been super long. I learned from that that as long as one puts forth all their effort the lord will provide. Never give up. Keep moving forward.

Anyways hope all is going well
Love Elder Seibert

Photos​​​​​​​​​​​​: a Lizard I saw, i was told it was a chameleon but it didn't look like the pictures ive seen before. Primary children, Matoke before it is cooked or peeled, and other stuff

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