Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Work Is Moving On

Hello Everyone,

Nothing too exciting has happened here. I just continue to here the superstitions of Uganda. Mostly from one recent convert. I learned the Owl means there is an evil spirit and i think it meant death is near. Weird because it is a symbol of wisdom back home. Also people here are always talking about the illuminati. It is a little weird. People will even ask if the CTR rings missionaries wear are a sign for the illuminati. Even I also heard that lake victoria is dangerous for visitors atleast when you are in the busia area. I guess people will die if the lake isn't used to you. And to top it all off there are mermaids in the waters. But this one was in Zimbabwe. Supposedly people will disappear underwater for a few days and pop back up unconscious but perfectly fine and  won't remember what happened.

Anyways this week we had transfers and so Elder osei Tutu left and Elder Mufurati is training a new elder. Elder Obeng (said oh-bean) from Ghana. He is a good guy. It also means I am no longer the youngest missionary in the district.

Something i learned or took from this week is the importance of not being so prideful and placing blame on others. We will all have difficulties with ourselves or with others. The key is too not take the "easy" road and blame someone else. With every problem we face we can find an excuse that does not make us responsible for our own state but if we do this we stay stagnant in misery. Only by taking the responsibility on ourselves can we change our lives. Yeah it could be someone else's fault but sitting and waiting will get us nowhere fast. Only by brushing the dirt off ourselves and taking action and being the bigger man and forgiving others and moving forward will we actually move forward. We are the only ones that can control our lives. And when we put forth effort and show God we are doing all we can he will help us. Even it is important to realize that even we should not expect a miracle from God but simply our "daily manna" as D Todd Christofferson put it. I hope everyone will take life into their own hands and make it what they want it to be. God blesses those who work hard and do their level best.

Elder Seibert

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