Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hail in Uganda?

Hello Y'all

This week was awesome because it hailed in Uganda! I didn't think it could do that here! It was awesome! We had to take shelter in a small shop and we were there for like 30 mins and looking back I realize we could have at least invited the woman who owns the place to church but instead we just took shelter said thanks and saud bye. Looking back we were not the best missionariwes there but I guess we live and learn. Also I learned from a memebr that hail isn't uncommon here but not like it happens all the time.

Anyways the rest of this week was pretty normal. We found a nice family while tracting and the work has continued. We also had an investigator who got concerned about what we were teaching because she heard rumors about our church where people say weird things that as soon as they show up to church and just see the meeting once they would see that everything they hear is false. They strangest I have heard so far is that we pray naked. (when they say pray, here in Uganda, they are talking about the service.) Anyways something I have seen a lot here that has made me sad is how people here can get such bizzare rumours in their head and they just won't listen to us. It is tragic how people will turn away a message that I have seen bring happiness and purpose to life over something they have heard. They won't even listen to us even though for example when they say "You don't even use the bible" and we pull a bible out of our bag and say "yes we do" they will still not believe it. Might I just encourage everyone before you start to judge someone or something wheather it be religions, people, companies or anyhting get all the facts don't miss out on something just because of arrogance or false conceptions. 

Anyways hope everything is going well,
Love Elder Seibert

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