Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thunder Here is Intense

Hello Everyone!

This week has been good. On Tuesday we were teaching a lesson and it started raining and the thunder was epic! It was super loud and the only way I can think to describe it is as if the earth was splitting. It was soooo cool.

Anyways this week was nice. We have been recovering our teaching pool because we dropped a lot of people who just weren't keeping commitments which made me sad. It is disappointing to see these people feeling the spirit and seeing how there is a light entering their lives but they then just stop for some reason. But there are still the people who are doing well.

Also when we visited the Padde's last time (a family in the branch) we learned Enos is trying to copy his mama and breastfeed his little baby sister Aria. It made me laugh. even while he was there he lifted his shirt and Aria got a face full of his tummy. It was funny to watch.

Also On Saturday we had Zone Development meeting. It was inspiring when we were sitting there and the new missionaries who got transferred into the zone were bearing their testimonies. Testimonies are something I have learned to appreciate a lot more since coming out on my mission. It is powerful when you just hear someone simply state I know ______ to be true, that through _____  god will bless us and so on. Even the spirit comes and you can just feel in your heart that they truly do believe that what they are saying is true and you just feel it is true too. Even I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know that by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ we receive blessings in our life. I have seen the blessing in my own life and I have seen people here have their lives changed. I especially treasure my knowledge that Christ did suffer in the garden and died on the cross for our sins and that through him the demands for justice have been met. Christ did atone for our sins but he did not remove the personal responsibility we have. So as long we repent and follow him we can return to live with god and have eternal happiness and a perfect sense of joy.

Hope Everyone is doing well,
Love Elder Seibert

I finally got pictures to work.
1) My Comp, Elder Ndlovu with 2 Primary kids
2) Comp Photo
3, 4 & 9) Hiram, Herman and I enjoying the camera effects
5) Food At a inner Appt. Beens Rice and Cabbage
6) District Photo
7) Dirty Rain Water on my compaions shirt
8) Elder Osei Tutu

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