Sunday, October 2, 2016

Still Moving Forward

Hello Everyone

This Sunday was the primary program which was nice. It is always fun to see the primary kids sing and give talks in sacrament meeting. It reminded me of home. But other then the primary program nothing super special happened. We did some service on Thursday where we helped cleaned an investigators driveway. It was fun and helped diversify the work. We also had some rain which was nice but other then that it was a pretty average week. We have continued to just keep moving forward and doing the work.
I did learn a little about witchcraft this week though. Certain areas here in Uganda are known for witchcraft and one of the branch members comes from that area and she was telling us about it. She was saying people will plant a bean in your yard after you get in a quarrel and it will germinate grow and die within 24 hours and then you will be dead as well. Also my companion told me in Zimbabwe they do a lot of witchcraft that involves lighting striking. It started to get to me after a bit even though I find it hard to believe. But people here have a lot of faith and such whether it be in witchcraft or in God. Even it has been something that I have been learning from the Ugandans. Faith is a powerful tool in our lives. With faith we can do anything even we read in the scriptures if we have the faith we can move mountains all we need is that great of faith. But I know as we exercise faith the lord will  bless us. I have seen it in my own life in small things each and everyday. I want to encourage everyone to act in faith and do what the Lord wants/asks of us. I know he will answer your prayers and help your testimony grow as you do so. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Hope everyone is doing well
Love elder Seibert

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