Sunday, October 2, 2016

President Has Skillz

Hello Everyone,
This past week has been very nice. Elder Anderson said good bye to everyone and on Wednesday he was taken away. I received my new companion Elder Ndlovu. He is a good guy. He is from Zimbabwe. It is a lot different having an African companion versus an American one. there is a lot less common ground. But I have been enjoying my time with him. he is very friendly and has a lot of teaching qualities I hope to be able to pick up. The qualities he has are ones I have been trying to pick up.
Anyways this week besides a new companion noting too exciting happened. Taught some lessons, ate some food. All that good stuff. Same old difficulties of getting people to come to church and or getting legally married. But I have continued to stay busy and even having a new companion has given me a new found energy. I am also learning being senior in the area is stressful! It has made me grow a lot though. I have to plan all the lessons basically till he knows the people and I have been taking charge more. It is nice but once again you feel a lot more responsible for the work. It was nice being trained just letting Elder Anderson parade me around haha.
Also today was nice in the fact we got to go to Kampala for sports. President had all the missionaries come to play sports but it was pouring rain. We still played basketball though. I got soaked. President Collings is pretty good. I was impressed. It is funny because all the elders find it weird President Collings plays mostly because President Chatfield never did  and even Pres Chatfield was against sports. But I had a lot of fun.
Hope all is well in the world
Love, Elder Seibert
The photos are of  our old district before it was broken up and of one of the children in the branch. Her name is Haggi and is 10 i believe. Sorry if one is an old photo. 

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