Sunday, October 2, 2016

Golfing in Uganda

Hello Everyone,
This week was very busy and eventful. On Tuesday I had to go to Kampala and get my work permit renewed which took up the morning and most of the afternoon. We did exchanges there so I went with the elders who were getting their work permit renewed and my companion got to eat well and just enjoy Kampala for the day. But it was still fun. I was able to see old friends and such who were also there. Wednesday we had a Zone Development meeting so that once again took up our morning. (meeting where the 12 elders in our zone all meet together) Thursday We had exchanges and I didn't work in my area. And so this week was very busy but enjoyable. We also had a baptism yesterday. A woman named Donam. She is super smart! And has a very strong testimony. The Baptism really ended the week nicely. Plus we had the most investigators I have ever seen at sacrament from our side at church yesterday. It made me super happy.
Today though we had a zone activity in Lugazi. We went golfing. My first time ever golfing and I got to do it in Uganda. It was super fun.I didn't do that bad in the end. The only problem is it is very very easy to lose balls there. So by 6 holes we went from 8 to 1 ball... But I had a lot of fun and now I can say i have golfed in Uganda.
Today was also the day we receive transfer news. It was the biggest transfer in 7 years! Two Zones were closed and a new one opened. I am staying in Seeta for 6 more weeks but Elder Anderson is leaving me to go to Mpumedde. Also Elder Oliverson is going to Walukba to open a new area (Not sure how to spell these names) And we are getting two African elder in my district. The Tables have turned and I will be the only american Not elder Osei Tutu being the only African. It should be a lot of fun! I am excited for the change. My new companion will be Elder Ndlovu. He is from Zimbabwe. I hear he works hard which makes me happy. I am excited for Wednesday to meet my new district!
Hope Everyone is doing well
Elder Seibert
P.S. Sorry No Pictures again. the computers here hate me

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