Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy Week

Hello All

This week was very nice thanks to yesterday mostly! But first I will talk about the first part of the week. A recent convert asked us why there are black people on the earth and I refereed him the the Book of Mormon. 1 Nephi 13:22 "And I said unto him, I know not." Just another evidence that the Book of Mormon is true and can answer all questions;) The better part is that I even asked my companion that same question that morning. But then he went on to tell us the story that his father told him which I firmly believe to be the answer!

"There were three families on the earth and there was a drought that plagued the earth. But luckily one day an angel came and said telling the people that water was on the earth! There was a small pond and the angel directed the people but warned them that if they waited the sun would dry up the water. So the first family ran right way bathed and collected the water they needed. The second family waited a bit finished their task then went over and as the first family did they bathed and collected water. The third and final family however waited till it was past mid day. They took their time and when they arrived they found the water was basically gone so the stomped in the water and washed in it as well but it was basically mud! Thus we see how whites, Asians and blacks got their color. The first family was the white, on time and quick to go everywhere, The Asians second and the third was the blacks, who take their time and show up late, very care free haha. It really summed up their culture well too! They are not Punctual people.

Anyways yesterday was awesome because both the other elders and us had people show up to church that we were really hoping to see and even those we didn't expect to see. It really brightened our day and our whole district was very happy. And to top it all off after church the primary children came up to all of us and gave us letters/notes they had written us. It made me happy even it made you realize which primary kids are on your side haha.

Lastly I would like to express my appreciation for Patriarchal Blessings. I took upon myself the challenge to read it everyday while I am on my mission. I forget who told me that there was an apostle or something that challenged people to read it every day for a year maybe it was took years but I have seen the blessings from reading it everyday. I had my doubts that it would do much reading the same thing everyday but in the end I have seen huge blessings. It has brightened my day every time I read it. Even it reminds me of the love God has for me and how he has blessed me in so many ways. I strongly encourage everyone to read their patriarchal blessing again an if possible everyday for some time! I promise that it will help you as you go about your day in becoming who god wants you to be and it will show unto you how much God loves you and knows you individually. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Seibert

PS Below is Baby Aria, and Sister Padde and in the other photo the happy father Brother Padde and the big brother Enos To make up for last week

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