Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Transfer 1 is Done

Hello World,
This week has been tough. We had to do a lot of finding because our investigator pool has been dwindling but the good news is I am officially been in the field for 6 weeks! As of today I am on transfer 2 of 17! I can't believe I have been out for 6 weeks already! Where does the time go?
Nothing too special has happened this week besides a couple nice rain storms which were awesome! It just pours buckets of rain for like an hour then it is done and it's easy to tell when it will rain because you can see the big gray clouds! and they look mean!
Oh also I had to speak in church yesterday which was fine but my talk was very rough. I only had a couple of hours to prepare and without a computer to type it out and such I suffered. It would have been fine if I had just organized the points to flow but I jumped around a lot.
Oh and also on Saturday we had two dinner appointments! That is super rare and also very difficult with african food! First at 4is we had rabbit and rice, a whole plate piles high and I was very full after that! Then at 7 we had another dinner of Kolo, Rice, Matoke and Chicken. Al these foods are very filling! Oh man my stomach felt like it was going to burst. But it was all very delicious. Rabbit was very similar to chicken in taste as the member told us it would be but I coould tell the difference. It was very tasty just a little tougher then chicken.
On Friday we had our movie night and we watched the Mormon Message Reflections. It is very good. It really gets you to think. And because of that I included the link so everyone can easily watch it and see what they get out of it. Enjoy
Elder Seibert
P.S For transfers my district is staying the same except Elder Phiri is oing to Rwanda and so Elder Oliverson will be companions with Elder Osi Tutu (Pretty sure I misspelled that name but it is close enough) I will miss Elder Phiri he is a great guy super laid back but super fun to be around.
1) African Food
2)The Rabbit we ate
3)District Photo

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