Tuesday, August 16, 2016

All is Well

Hello Everyone,

How has the real world been? Seeta has been very profitable lately in finding but we are having difficulty with the progressing aspect. But we are working hard. It is always a nice feeling to go back for the second lesson an the person is there and they did their reading and are truly interested. Also we had a baptism this week. A guy named eddy. He is the nephew of the stake president and lives at the stake presidents home. It was amazing hearing eddy bear his testimony yesterday after his baptism. Also the stake president gave a few words and said how he has seen eddy making the changes in his life.

Also this week I got to ride a camel! best 60 cents I ever spent. Oh yeah food here is super cheap. 1 dollar is like 3300 shillings and all the food I get is like 3000 or less. It is crazy exchange rates and stuff. Also yesterday I went to a recent converts home and he fed us big and basically treatedd us as if the president showed up at hi door. I love him and his family. They are so loving, kind, and just awesome people. However this morning poor elder anderson woke up sick and he thinks it was from the food. I feel bad for him. the first time he gets truly sick for the year he has been on his mission is a P day but he trooped to the email place and stood strong.

Also saturday we had ZDM, (A meeting with all the elders in my zone) and we were told to include the atonement more in our lessons and also we were told to study the atonement. So thats what I did this morning. It strengthened my testimony on how much the Savior, Jesus Christ, truly did for us. Without him our lives would be worthless. We would amount to nothing but it is because of Jesus Christ that we can live again. That we can repent. That we can change. That we can be relieved of ALL our burdens, sins, and guilt. It is because of Jesus Christ we can return to live with our Father in Heaven again and be eternally happy. But in order to do this we must be baptized into his one true church and follow his commandments. I know this is that one true church and that is why I am out here serving a mission.

Hope Every one has a good week,
Love Elder Seibert

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