Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sick in Africa

Sadly the work this week was a little slower for Elder Anderson and I. Our food poisoning caught up to me Tuesday morning when I puked for the first time since like 7th or 8th grade. My stomach until today has been a little unsettled and eatting has been taken in small very bland meals. Elder Anderson has had it worse though. One day we had to stop at a members house and take an hour or 2 break because his stomach was giving him so much pain he could hardly walk. While on this break I was able to talk to Herman. He is this awesome 17 year old that lives at the house we stopped at. He always makes me laugh lately he has been calling my arm and leg hair "grass." Blacks don't have much hair on their arms and legs if any and lots of kids will stroke your arm because they think it is interesting. But herman even jokes that I need to slash it. (Their way of weed whacking).
We also had a Mormon Helping hands activity on Saturday where we swept the Seeta Market.It was a good activity but a little in vain because the people peel the food and stuff there onto the ground so basically as soon as we left it was going to be dirty again in an hour or two but still it was fun and a lot of the people appreciated us cleaning it up. I got super sun burned on my neck though where my shirt collar usually covers. I no longer have my swimmer skin that could have handled that amount of sun....
Seeta has been good. We found some amazing new investigators this week who I can see a lot of potential in as long as the keep commitments and come to church. Because I know those are the only ways they will be able to find out for themselves if the message is true besides by reading the Book of Mormon once we give them one.
Finally this week I learned how grateful I am that I was able to go to school and graduate high school. Even also was able to go to University for  a year. Here they have school fees and a lot of people are unemployed so there are kids who can't go to school because their parents can't afford it. Specifically Herman and his 7 year old brother Hiram. When I was talking to Herman he said to pray for him so he could go back to school next year. It really opened my eyes. Therefore I just want everyone to look at their lives and look at the things you take for granted! I know that by having "an attitude of gratitude" we will be much happier in life.
Sorry No pictures this week
Love you all,
Elder Seibert

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