Sunday, August 28, 2016

I Named a Child?

Hello Everyone,

Elder Anderson and I had a long week this week. Lots of knocking and lots of hot days. But towards the end of the week it all started to pay off. We found some great new potential families again. I feel like these past few weeks I have been saying it a lot but it is true! Also we had interviews with President Collins this week. It was the first time I really spoke with him one on one. He is an awesome guy and I am excited to work with him. I firmly believe there is a reason I am serving a mission with him as my president rather then President Chatfield. Not that Chatfield was bad but he was a loud guy who fills the room whwn he is around while president collings isn't. Definately more someone who fits my personality.

Anyways besides that nothing really happened this week. Besides one of the members in the ward who we work with and see a lot his wife gave birth yesterday and (not officially yet) but I believe they named the child with two names Elder Anderson and I suggested. One name from each of us. I was surprised. Next week I'll confirm the name and such.

Also this week I read the conference talk "What Lack I Yet?" from october 2015. It is really good and I have put the challenge into action. I am asking the Lord, "what do I need to do to progress towards eternal life?" I would encourage everyone to read it and ask God what it is you need to do to progress further. I know that as you follow the prompting you will be blessed. I have seen a small change already as I am working towards my answer.

Hope All is Well
Love Elder Seibert

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