Sunday, July 24, 2016

Missing Exploding Cakes Currently

Hey Everyone!
Happy fourth of july! To celebrate we ate at a "nice" resturaunt today. However sadly there will be no fireworks for me down here and no cakes or melons to explode. (random Family tradition my moms side of the family does)
Mission life has been a lot of fun! I am adjusting well. We got a new Mission President this week. His name is President Collings. Haven't met him yet but i will on saturday. I hear he is very nice though. This week has had some ups and downs. We have been teaching a family here that was very promising! They were very inetrested and had just started gaining a testimony that this is the true church and were seeing how much joy it brings to one's life but then sunday it tanked. Friday night we had a very spiritual lesson with them! The father felt the spirit so strongly and had commited to come to church. Elder Anderson said it as the most powerful lesson he has ever had on his mission (Been out for almost a year). However Sunday morning i guess the wife was not convinced and now the family is takin a break from us teching them. The husband, Brother Patrick, (We use first names not last names because these african names are too hard to say). told us to give them a week. Hopefully by the end of the week we will be able to be teaching them again. I have faith that the Lord will soften their heats and help them come back.  We also lost another investigator due to his father not wanting him to be baptized. He is a 9 year old boy who lives with his aunt and uncle because they pay his school fees, he essentially is adopted but not so it's confusing on who's permission is needed but anyways we called the father and he said no. It was sad that we lost him as an investigator as well (On the same day too!) But I know that we have planted the seed and even though it may not be now but these people will be baptized in the future!
Well enough about the bad! This week I have become well versed in the local food. One family gave me posho and matoke, both are some of the most flavorless things you will eat. Matoke is green bananas baked  and posho is just flour and water. Both require something to dip it in. I also had kikumando, (beans and chapate) Chapate is just a deep fried flatbread/totilla hybrid. Yesterday was also my first day attending the branch actually since last week was stakke conference. So i intorduced myself to everyone.
Now the highlight of the week. On wednesday night as we were leaving the compound the church is in and we see a van with a white girl who has her head out the window. And she goes Hi Elders, turns out the van was full of white girls who turned out to be BYU Students! My companion was distracted the rest of the day. As for me I am still fresh so seeing a white girl isn't that big of a deal for me yet... It will be an interesting day once i have become more one with the african culture. I am use to the herds of children that will follow us though. They just chant "Mazungu, Mazungu" which is luganda for white man. I feel famous down here, they are my own little fan club.
Hope All is well
love Elder Seibert

P.S. If i ever use terminology someone doesn't understand please email me and I will do my best to explain it :)

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