Sunday, July 24, 2016

Runaway Camel and a Burning Truck

Hello Everyone!

Seeta has been great this week. It has by far been the most action I have seen since arriving here in Uganda. However the title of my email really doesn't mean much. This week has been fun. Last monday I was in the car with my zone leaders and we pulled next to a camel walking on the street and  the car spooked it so it took off running after it ripped itself free from the man guiding it. It was running a solid 30 KM/hr and was the most awkward thing when running. It was funny to watch. Then on Saturday night I was by the shops and a group of people started to gather and I looked to see that a big semi truck was on fire. People were freaking out. I just watched. Everything here is made of cement or dirt. Nothing would catch fire even if you tried. But it could have been a nice blaze of fire if it had hit the cargo in the back. Luckily people came with water and a fire extinguisher. 
However I want everyone at home to know that Uganda is very safe. Nothing like how people seemed to think it would be like when I told them I was going here. Everyone is super friendly. Stealing isn't a issue either. Probably because if you get caught you won't look to good afterwards...

Anyways the Lord's work has been moving forward here. We were able to get a new pool of investigators with great potential here in Seeta. Our set back last week has been overcome. The people here are so open to missionaries. However they are stubborn in their ways at times. Often they let us in only because they want to hear a message about Jesus. They don't want to act upon it. It is sad because they express concerns and trials and I know that if they would just come to church and read the book of mormon like we commit them to do that the Lord would bless them and help them. But they believe that there are many ways to Jesus and that as long as you believe in him you will be saved. Sadly that is not the case. We have been given commandments to live and there is a reason for that. They are to help us to endure to the end. This life is to continually try and become better people and as we draw closer to God and Jesus Christ we are blessed. I have already seen a huge help in my life just from these few short weeks I have been on my mission. By reading my scriptures daily, praying with much more sincerity and trusting in the Lord more then I ever have I have already seen the blessings. We have been able to find the people that are ready to hear this message and act. It is inspiring to see how faithful these people are. I encourage you all to put more trust in the Lord and he will do his part. I read in a conference talk this morning “The greater the distance between the giver and the receiver, the more the receiver develops a sense of entitlement.” it was in the talk given by  Elder Renlund in April. He talked about how the further we are from God the more we feel that he should give us stuff but when we see that he is our loving heavenly father we realize that like any good father he wants us to learn so in order to do that we must work at it and in turn once we give it our all we will receive the blessings from God. Or atleast thats what I got out of it today. I know that in order for us to be blessed by God we must work our very hardest and only then will we see and receive the blessings. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Anyways hope all is going well for everyone. Thank you to everyone who has written me! It has been great to hear from all of you! Keep me updated!

Love Elder Seibert

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