Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hello Everyone,
This week has been pretty We had another baptism yesterday! I was so happy! It is a members daughter who turned 9 before she was baptized so she is somehow a freebie to us but it was still fun to teach her and the joy of her father yesterday was awesome. He has been having some troubles this past week so I think this brought much needed joy! Her name is Benitah and she is a fun girl until you teach her, then she gets quite. But after church we were invited to the bishops home to celebrate her baptism and even her 10th birthday which was the the day before.
Also today one of the neighbors to our investigator invited us to teach us how to make pilau (a Muslim rice dish) It was a lot of fun. She bought all the food we showed up and then she told us what to do. The investigator and his family along with the neighbor were laughing a lot at us one because I am whit e and they think I have maids and such do everything for me at home. And 2 we just looked inexperienced. I guess My moma didn't teach me how to cook well (not really! She did her best!). Anyways those are the highlights this week!
Have a fun week everyone!
Elder Seibert

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