Wednesday, August 9, 2017

God Knows Us Individually

Hello World
Everything is going well in Makindye. We were very busy with meetings this week! But it was all good! Due to time this will be a short letter. All I really want to say is God loves us and cares about us! I was getting pretty down on myself Wednesday due to being sick and having a hard time focusing so the spirit was hard to feel. So i started to think about how at this time I am facing one of the inevitable times as a missionary where everything just seems to be not working out. Set backs are upon us and I was just starting to feel hopeless but after we did roleplays in our zone conference I just felt the love of God because of a few things that hapened I was able to talk to my Zone Leader Elder Hazen and vent a bit and President Collings just came and did an activity with us and with these two events I just realized God is watching and knows me and my struggles right now! It made me so happy and I broke character a little and got weepy as we sang the closing song at Zone Conference!
Remember God loves and knows you!
Love Elder Seibert

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