Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Gadafi Mosque Tour

Hello People
This week was pretty mellow. We did our normal missionary stuff through out the week. We had a hard time finding new investigators this week but next week will be better. We visited a lot of members this wee in the evening and it was a really good experience. I felt so bad when one family said they couldn't even remember the last time the missionaries visited. It is weird how the missionaries seem to have control of the visits. there is no feeding calendar for members to sign up on and they seem to not like to ask us to visit.  On Friday though my companion had to go to get a new passport since his got lost at immigration so he was at the American embassy and I sat in on my zone leaders companionship study. and then I went back to the area. The embassy was much faster then these Ugandan agencies haha. Oh and yesterday was pretty  sweet. We got 8 investigators at church. I was shocked. usually we get about 3 or 4. It definitely boosted the spirits after a some how difficult week plus calling home is always really nice! Definitely a little surreal to me. It is weird how easy it actually is to call home when you go so long thinking I can't call home. Also to hear the voices but not see them is weird. Still seems like they don't exist in my mind anymore at times. You just get so used to not talking to them. Kind of sad in a way.
Lastly to top off our week we visited the Gadafi Mosque today. We were on our way to Kololo sports when we got a call on the taxi that due to rain they were postponed. So we went to Nsambya and the 4 Makindye elders and 2 from Nsambya last minute got on another taxi and toured the mosque! It was really neat. they had a huge spire we walked up. kind of like a light house lots of spiraling stairs. lets just say i realized i am out of shape. Great view of Kampala. Awesome designs too. Our tour guides name was .... you guessed it... Muhammad.  A little funny watching 6 LDS missionaries 3 of which were american walk around this massive mosque (largest in the sub sahara area i think he said).
The joys of Being a missionary! Have a great week every one
Love Elder Seibert
Pictures of mosque will come next week. these are from our hike last Monday. Definately got an awesome one of my comp holding the sun. Mine was a good effort but didnt work. Also the one of me and the man is to show how people here just hold your hand which to me just makes me uncomfortable. Hence the reasoning I am smiling so much in the pic. (I feel uncomfortable).

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