Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Great Sunday!

Hello People
Nothing too exciting has happened this week. We were able to have some great lessons with some amazing investigators. We ran into this guy named Mwesigie and he is awesome. When we taught him he understood the message so well! it is always really nice to have someone who understands well. It can be hard to teach people here at times due to lack of understanding. It was nice though because he made the day turn around after an investigator, Antony (I think I mentioned him a few weeks ago) who we had high hopes for to progress along with his family, told us to not come back because our beliefs don't agree with his. I called to ask what the beliefs were and he seemed to be scared to talk to me. I am sure he heard some rumor. There are just too many crazy rumors out there and people trust word of mouth too much here. It was disappointing. Anyways the reason it was a great sunday was because we had an awesome turn out for investigators! We have been struggling the past 3 weeks so it was nice to have a doubling of what we were hoping for. We also got a new bishop called which was cool. I guessed it pretty easily though because he was one of the few people who is married that is a strong member. I am excited to have him as a bishop. He is a really nice guy.
Finally I will talk about a nother thing here in Uganda find funny that will also confuse me at times. People here some times switch the sounds for an R and an L. So it is funny how much it can change a word. Pray becomes Play or Read become Lead. There are just some many words we use in lessons that when an investigator says it back to me I get confused. I promise I will Lead the Book of Mormon and pLay to know if it is true. It makes me laugh to to hear pLiesthood, Ledeemer etc. Funny how little things can make a big difference all through out life. Words can become new words, even you can see how with the Apostasy little changes to doctrine can become dramatic changes that will mislead you greatly from the truth that the Lord and God the Father both want us to follow. I am glad that the Restoration happened and the truth is again on the earth.
Anyways hope you all have a superb week
Love Elder Seibert

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