Monday, December 5, 2016

To Nsambya I Go

Hello Everyone,

It has been an amazing week. I officially have been on mission for 6 months which still blows my mind. It seems like I just started a few days ago. Where does the time go. I have had so much fun already and look forward to much much more.

Even almost to signify my 6 months I received transfer news today and I will be going to Nsambya. It is in the middle of Kampala. I will be white washing with Elder Oliverson. I am super excited to be with him again. I was with him in Seeta my first 2 transfers. It will definitely be a change. I hear they have good food places there. I am excited for the change but will miss Seeta a lot. I have met so many great people here and will be sad to leave all of them. It was weird to be seeing people this week and thinking I might be transferred and this could be the last time I see them. Now it has come true. I guess these are the joys of missionary work. Meeting great people but also having to say good bye to them so soon. It makes you appreciate life and think about it. I love how Heavenly Father has made it that our social interactions bring some of the greatest joy and how even these are the things that will continue with you into the next life. It truly is a blessing.

Anyways hope everyone is enjoying life and remembering Christ this Christmas season\
Love Elder Seibert

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