Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 2

Hey everyone!
It was an exciting week this week. The temple here in South Africa is very small! It was awesome though to see all the Africans going through for their first time. However the excitement came afterwards. Afterwards we had transfers. So I now have a new companion. He is a good old Utah boy from Springfield?? Something like that just south of Provo. Along with that he became a zone leader (the elder in charge of everyone here at the MTC) and I became a district leader (in charge of a small group of elders and sisters). Hence the title of my email. It is something my MTC President has told me a couple times now. It has been a good experience. I have had leadership roles before but this is completely different. Never have my leadership roles been so involved as this one. There is an elder in my district with a broken collarbone along with his foot now got infected from a blister so that has required work. On top of that there have been other kinks that have had to be sorted out. It was just difficult for everyone to adjust to a new companion and new roles. But I have greatly enjoyed my leadership role. It has helped me grow tremendously.
So like i said the food here is pretty normal but different, I will now tell how. They pair food weirdly. Like for breakfast the other day we had french toast and  chicken nuggets and also we have bread for every meal! or potatoes or pap. Very starchy. But the Africans love their bread! They all grab like 3 or 4 pieces of sliced bread every meal too! Holy Cow its ridiculous!
Finally on Sunday I had a very spiritual experience! It consists of three separate parts. 1) We watched the church video Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration, (or something like that) and it was super powerful. 2 )On top of that we then were challenged to read D&C 135 out of the scriptures which is a testimony of how Joseph Smith restored the church. Both of these were really powerful to do in such a short time and I told Elder Gordon about a talk by Jeffery R Holland that gave about the Book of Mormon that helped me find my testimony on the Book of Mormon. And here is the best part! 3) They showed that talk to us later that night! It is called, Safety for the Soul. It is such a powerful message! I challenge all of you to watch it and even better watch the Joseph Smith movie and read D&C section 135 as well. But if anything simply watch Safety for our Souls. I know that it will impact you no matter who you are. It is because of that talk (and from reading it) that I can say I know the Book of Mormon to be true.

Hope everything is going well,
Elder Seibert

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