Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Uganda Kampala Stake Split

Hello everyone,
This week had a few fun and exciting events.
The first happened on Tuesday when we as a district stepped on American soil (or so I am told). There is a member here who is a marine working at the American Embassy so she invited us over for dinner. It was amazing to walk into a place that had air conditioning and there was a constant stream of jokes saying, these are American trees, they even import the air from America, I can smell the justice and liberty, Lots and lots of American pride coming out. Plus she basically fed us a thanksgiving feast of turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. It definitely made up for my lack of celebration for thanksgiving in Seeta.
Also yesterday was the historic split of the Kampala Stake into the Uganda Kampala North and South Stakes. It is amazing how fast the church is growing. In 6 years 3 stakes have been created. Plus because it was stake Conference yesterday I was able to see everyone I knew from Seeta. It was awesome!
Finally we found this awesome guy who has the potential to be an amazing investigator. Here is how we met him:
We decided to knock doors in a certain area that Elder Oliverson had a feeling to knock at. It is off the road to the church but in a some how obscure place so he thought maybe missionaries have never knocked here. Anyways the first place we knocked at a man came out and we talked a little about the Book of Mormon and then Elder Oliverson mentioned how we believe families can be together forever and the man got extremely interested.  He even tried to call his wife out to meet us. We were unable to teach him then but we have organized to meet him Tuesday evening. I am really excited to teach him this week. This is the first time for both Elder Oliverson and I to have had a Ugandan actually understand the statement "Families can be together forever" and have it click.
It has been a good week and Elder Hazen who replaced Elder Smith is a good guy. He is from Utah and came from Rwanda.

Have a fabulous week
Elder Seibert

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