Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Busy Busy Busy

Hello Everyone

We had a pretty busy week in the world of missionay work. Tuesday was our only normal day really of missionary work. Wednesday We had a zone meeting in the morning which was fun. It is always fun to see the other missionaries except this transfer our zone became really small. We have 6 missionaries in it. A few of the districts in the mission are 6 misssioaries. Kind of crazy.

But the real fun for us began on Thursday and Friday. Thursday we had a missionary broadcast in which they gave some talks and such but the big thing was they changed the missionary schedule. Our P-day has become 2 hours longer and they gave us more freedom during the day to put certain activities at time that best fit our schedule. It has been really nice actually. But hasn't changed the day too much really. We proselyte the same amount of time.
Friday was fun though because we had interviews with president Collings at 9 but when we walked out the door at 8:15ish we found a flat tire on the truck so we paniced and first went to take a taxi but we soon realized we didn't know the best route for us to use with the various taxi stops plus there seemed to be no taxies on the road so we came back and fixed the flat as fast as we could but there were a few snags one being the jack wasn't tall enough since the spare was bigger then the other tires and 2) the jack itself was annoying because one of the pieces to raise it kept popping out because it wasn't long enough so we used a rag to fill the space. In the end we got to the mission home at 10 instead of 9 but it all worked out. Interviewa went well and we came back and did the work.

Other then that nohing too special happened. The sun has been on fire lately but these past 2 days we have gotten rain. Also we have been continuing to find people and teach and all that good stuff. Hope everyone is doing well. 

Have a superb week
Elder Seibert

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